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Candidate for the position of Education Officer

Image for Welly - Llywelyn Colnet

Welly - Llywelyn Colnet

Welly For Education

For The Students not the Few!

1.       More/Cheaper Car Parking Spaces

I will lobby the university to provide more car parking spaces to students, and to make available the car park by Claycroft

2.       End library fines

I will lobby the university to end punitive library fines, which give a financial penalty to students simply trying to get on with their studies.

3.       Increased Security

With the recent spike in muggings targeting international students in the Canley area, I pledge to pressure the university to send campus security.

4.       Universal Lecture Capture

I will continue to push for all lectures where possible to be recorded so that they are accessible to students.

5.       Cheaper Food and Drink

For education to be accessible to all, students need cheaper food drink. I pledge to lobby the university to lower food and drink prices.



Only Welly will fight for your education through policies which will simplify the lives of students, so you can get on with your degree.

I have a simple manifesto which meets the needs of students.

Pushing for more car parking spaces is essential for students to access their education. For too long the university has tried to deter students from driving in by increasing prices, and restricting where students can park. By lobbying the university, we can push for more car parking spaces.

With the recent spike in muggings targeting international students around Cannon Park, I will push for security to extend beyond campus to ensure the safety of students. This is to ensure the safety of students allowing you to access your education. Additionally, I will contact the local police force to run information sessions on how best to deal with the situation, and give information sessions.

Library fines are the bane of many students lives who are constantly struggling to meet the deadlines, and often by a few minutes. By pushing the university to remove such fines, students will have less stress in their education allowing them to perform better.

Universal lecture capture is essential for the modern student. With assessment centres and interviews days are often missed for no fault of the students. Yet some find themselves falling behind as they rely on others who may have different learning styles. By continuing the push for more lecture capture it will ensure accessibility to education for all students.

Cheaper food and drink is required to allow students to live a healthy lifestyle. Too often in exam periods faced with little time and small budgets students turn to junk food. By providing education on healthy living, and pushing down prices on campus the performance of students will improve. Both in terms of welfare and education.

For the students not the few!


Societies exec

Secretary of real ale


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