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Candidate for the position of Postgraduate Officer



Wanjiku Murage for Postgraduate Officer 

My Experience 
LLM in International Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation, University of Warwick 2017-18
LL.B Law, University of Birmingham 2014-17

SLLC Rep for the LL ICGFR Programme 
Student Chair for the Law School Postgraduate SSLC 
PG Faculty Rep for the School of Social Science 
Chair of the Postgraduate Executive Committee 
Student Fundraiser, Warwick Engagement Group

Find me on Facebook - Wanjiku Murage for Postgrad Officer 

The WanjiFesto
- Refined Education Support
- Diversified Employment Opportunities
- Better International Student Support
- A Happy and Healthy PG Student Body
- Higher Education Issues

1. Refined Education Support
- PG’s tend to have late evening classes and the bus services are not as regular nor as reliable after rush hour. I would like to improve the bus services for PG’s with evening classes who live off campus.

- Increase the scholarships and funding options available to PG’s and increase the support on the application processes and deadlines.

- I would like to set up a forum/platform for all PG’s to share their research interests and find students with similar interests. I believe that this will help in dissertation preparation throughout the year, serve as a means of providing mentors and mentees and as a channel for the different types PG’s to interact without the stark divide between PGT’s and PGR’s.

- Lobby for a study space like the Learning Grid in Leamington, for PG’s that live in Coventry. Additionally, I will work to create more study spaces dedicated to PG’s on campus.

- Introduce an information programme covering postgraduate loans, alternative ways to fund a masters and the transition from undergraduate to postgraduate study, for undergraduate students that wish to pursue a postgraduate degree.  

- Improve dissertation support. Over the summer term, the library can feel deserted and services on campus seem to shut down. I will improve induction, communication, and supervision for PG’s by building a best practice model for postgraduate supervision that can be replicated across the various departments.

- Continue the fight against hidden course costs by lobbying the university and various departments to absorb the existing hidden costs into our tuition fees. I am also committed to reducing and/or eliminating the Postgraduate application processing fee.


2. Diversified Employment Opportunities
- Deliver more tailored events for PG’s as well as workshops on the various stages of graduate scheme applications such as online psychometric tests and assessment centers. I would also like to increase the diversity of the careers fairs by inviting charities and NGO’s.

- I would lobby for the option of work internships or placements as part of PG courses, which I believe would significantly help with employability prospects for PG’s.

- PG’s are sometimes disadvantaged in part-time job applications on campus because they will only be around for one academic year. I would, therefore, like to provide more part-time job opportunities for PG’s.

3. Better International Students Support 
- International students have often studied under different systems and are unfamiliar with the UK education system. I would like to introduce an international induction programme to introduce you to the UK education system covering areas such as how the grading system works.

- International students make up a great percentage of all PG’s and face a number of challenges that I feel are often overlooked or ignored. I would, therefore, like to lobby for a full-time International Students Officer in order to better address the concerns of both undergraduate and postgraduate international students.

- I would like to ensure the rights of EU students are protected during the process of Brexit and ensure that they receive regular information on their rights and support services through a ‘Brexit Newsletter’.

- International PG’s face numerous immigration issues from enrollment, all through to post-study visas and I feel that there is not enough support offered to them. I would like to work with the Immigration Office to provide better support to international PG’s especially during the summer and just before the beginning of the winter term.  I would also like to provide better information on the processes of withdrawal, deferrals, as well as work permits and post-study visas.

- I would like to continue the campaign to reduce and fix international student fees and promote more transparency on the use of their fees.

- For the majority of international students, English is not their first language. However, trying to access English Language support services is often difficult as classes must be booked in advance or are overbooked. I would, therefore, like to provide more classes and make support more easily accessible.


4. A Happy & Healthy PG Student Body
- More events and services for underrepresented PG’s such as PG’s with children, part-time students, students from Warwick Medical School, and students on cross-departmental courses.  Additionally, I would like to diversify our events in order to include non-alcoholic drinkers, mature students, and international students.

- Improve the PG Welcome to Warwick Events by increasing the information available to PG’s before and after they arrive and more events during and after Fresher’s Week to better integrate PG’s into the Warwick community. This will allow for PG’s that arrive late or have later start dates to still feel welcomed.

- PG’s make up 40% of the student population here at Warwick and they too deserve to have a big night in their honor. I would, therefore, like to introduce a PG Ball during the summer term to allow for all PGs to interact in a less academic setting.

- Lobby to reduce or remove the Societies Federation Membership Fee for PG’s in order to increase PG engagement with extra-curricular activities.

- There is a lack of engagement from PG’s with the SU’s elections which means that majority of the Sabbatical Officer positions are held by undergraduate British students. I want to increase the diversity in these positions by ensuring that PG’s are aware of their option to stand for them, encourage PG’s to run for them and offer them as much support as possible.

- As a PG that has personally experienced isolation and loneliness, I would like to launch a campaign that targets this on a much larger scale and for a longer period of time. I would introduce regular Pop Up Stands to highlight PG mental health and wellbeing concerns and signpost PG’s to the services available to them.

- Lobby for more accessible virtual or campus tours of PG’s accommodation options before application deadlines.

- Introduce a physical and virtual ‘Spot your Future Housemates’ event to allow for returning students to receive housing advice, get more familiar with the surrounding areas and find prospective housemates for private accommodation.

- Lobby for more flexible accommodation contracts to accommodate for PG’s that intend to stay and wait for their graduation ceremonies in January and PG’s with longer course dates.


5. Higher Education Issues
- Continue the fight for hourly-paid teachers contracts and the campaign for fair pay and better working conditions.

- Continue to encourage PG’s that teach to take advantage of the free membership and sign up to the Universities and College Union (UCU).




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