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Candidate for the position of President

Image for Liam Jackson

Liam Jackson



Hello! I’m Liam, your Education Officer, and I’m running to be your next SU president.


I have seen first hand how important a strong student voice is, and what that can achieve. I have secured positive changes to students’ experience at Warwick, such as the ones listed below.


But there’s so much more that needs to be done. I believe I’m the right candidate for the job, to represent all students’ interests at every level.



Education Officer // Education Exec Chair // Faculty Rep

Social Sec, Politics Society // Publicity Officer, Warwick Labour




  • Replacement bus passes, saving students hundreds of pounds
  • More buses during vacation times



  • Secured a freeze in rent prices for multiple halls for 2018/19
  • Established the first ever PG housing ladder



  • Successfully lobbied the University to make a study space finder app
  • Convinced the University to commit to improving all possible existing study spaces
  • Successfully lobbied University into deploying an expert analyst to tackle the study space crisis



  • Created ‘Discover my Module’ -  facilitating advice on module choice
  • Helped to shape Welcome Week, ensuring it will include module fairs for subjects.
  • Convinced University to establish a course costs working group, saving students money
  • Trained over 400 course reps & created the first ever faculty forums
  • Created Hidden Histories - an alternative lecture series to open up discussion on issues that are often erased
  • Overseen the expansion of lecture capture to a record number of modules



  • Persuaded the University to commit to turning Senate House into a central service hub -- watch this space!
  • Started lobbying for sleeping facilities, created a very successful survey
  • Helped ensure the University improves mitigating circumstances processes


TOP 5:


  • Continue to increase study space
  • Tackle overcrowding on buses & lobby for subsidised passes
  • Introduce sleeping & relaxation facilities
  • Tackle dodgy landlords
  • Making sport accessible: A multi-year SportsFed & more free sport sessions



  •  Increasing Study Space
    • Get more space, specifically push for the confirmation of library 2.0
    • Open up more Learning Grids off-campus with expanded open hours
    • Helping students find space by completing and launching the finder app
  • Ensure the course costs working group implements fair policies on free printer credits and core textbooks for all students
  • Liberate the curriculum by working with officers and societies and continuing the alternative lecture series, Hidden Histories



  • Making Student Activities simpler, accessible, and affordable
    • Create a multi-year Sports Federation whilst enacting multi-year Socs Federation
    • Lobbying for more free sport activities
    • Giving clubs and societies easier access to SU funding opportunities
    • Improving the support for societies by publicising and showcasing their events
  • Securing Wednesday afternoons free from academic commitments
  • Meeting transport needs;
    • Tackle overcrowding by lobbying for more buses
    • Make travel more affordable by pushing the University to subsidise bus passes
    • Continue working with the University and businesses to improve local transport links.
  • Affordable and accessible eating and drinking across campus
    • Including free hot water in the PG Hub
    • Address the eating and drinking price rises in Warwick Retail outlets
    • Ensuring alternative food and drink options are both extensive and affordable
  • Secure the return of the summer party for 2019
    • You deserve it.



  • Tackling Sleep deprivation through installing sleeping and relaxation facilities
  • Fostering a safe and inclusive environment for students
    • Tackling sexual violence by expanding the #WeGetConsent campaign
    • Fighting racism by working with officers and societies to ensure their concerns are addressed and acted upon.
    • Preventing hate crime by increased investment in security services in targeted areas
  • Increase funding for mental health services with more Mental Health Coordinators and Counsellors, aiming to decrease the wait time by half.



  • International Students’ Rights
    • Ensuring fees for international students remain frozen throughout their course.
  • Fairness in work and pay
    • Fighting for postgraduates who teach to be paid what they deserve
    • Continue to support workers and lobbying against casualisation
    • Lobbying for more students’ say over VC pay
  • Opposing cuts and fee rises in Higher Education
  • Promoting widening participation
    • Increasing access for working class students by lobbying for expanded bursaries
    • Create a buddying scheme for widening participation students
  • Tackle dodgy landlords by working with organisations to establish a Warwick ‘rate my landlord’ tool
  • Championing Student’s Interests at every level
    • Creating a termly President’s Forum to ensure accountability and support
    • Sabbatical office hours for student enquiries and support

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