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Candidate for the position of Sports Officer




    • Male and Female showcases at Varsity
    • Encourage sports clubs to follow “development squad” model to boost participation
    • Increase prospective Warwick student’s exposure to sport at university by working closely with Exec members from all sports on open days
    • Expand male and female participation in non-BUCS sport at Warwick, for people just looking for a little bit of fun.
    • Increase opportunities for both newly established and potential sports clubs on campus to thrive
    • Make sure post-graduate students are involved from very early on, by providing more accommodation for pre-season, clear information in week 0 and continuous support.
    • Centralize all Team Warwick news and results to one location to increase awareness of all sport on campus
    • Work closely with content creators on campus to improve coverage of sport at Warwick across various platforms
    • Make use of “Week 0” to promote the huge variety of sport available at Warwick
    • “FACES OF SPORT”: Each week focus on a different club on campus, whilst coordinating the creation of daily content concerning that particular club to post online
    • Consistent meetings throughout the year with club representatives to discuss how to best address mental health issues in sport
    • Improve lines of communication with university departments to ensure that commitment to sport does not occur at the detriment of academic performance, for instance pushing for less lectures for postgrads on Wednesdays
    • Improve accessibility for all - such as by campaigning for Adaptive Disability Fitness Equipment in campus gyms
    • Fight against any discrimination in sport by working with the relevant part-time officers and societies and by promoting and organizing events under the remit of the “Reshaping Sport” campaign
    • Make “Team Warwick” a year-round feature and not just prominent during Varsity
    • Organize “prestige” games for a variety of clubs to allow them to test their ability against the best
    • Performance sport sessions adapted to the requirements of different sports so as to genuinely improve performance and possibility for sports to have Sessions together to boost competition
    • Instigate opportunities for different clubs to interact with the aim of unifying all sports under the Team Warwick banner
    • Entrench relationships with potential sponsors to increase funds available for previously underfunded clubs



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