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Plain Text Manifesto:

Bal’s Plans for Sport


  • Help smaller clubs in creating joint sponsorship packages, giving them a better chance at getting sponsored by larger firms.
  • Ensure clear and transparent communication with the SU, and continue to streamline SU processes to do with: transport, event planning, money request forms, and the process to start new sports clubs.
  • Work with Warwick Sport to manage external bookings, especially at the new sports and wellbeing Hub, and tennis centre.
  • Ensuring suitable storage facilities at the new Cryfield 4G pitch, making transporting equipment a lot easier.
  • Have clear points of contact between clubs for easier discussion and support; something more than just a Facebook group.
  • Work with Akuma to get bulk deals for clubs putting in high volume orders, and push them to set up an online kit shop.


  • Starting Sport:
    • Work with Warwick Sport to develop more varied, flexible and cheaper memberships for casual activity.
    • Run a #NeverTooLate campaign to let students know that there’s never a wrong time to join a sports club.
  • Development Sport:
    • Encourage and help sports clubs use the new performance sport system so that all clubs can reach their best potential, and continue growing in size and strength. 
    • Support non-BUCS clubs more with funding and transport.
  • Elite Sport:
    • Push for leniency in admissions for elite athletes, and fight for better scholarships.
    • Keep pushing for more free BUCS Wednesdays, with fewer contact hours, and more recorded lectures.
    • Encourage community outreach to scout for talent, and encourage local schools and colleges to become more involved with sport.
    • Recognize fantastic sporting achievements/events: bringing back sports team of the week, with scope for individual recognition.


  • Develop the speaker series to include careers in sport, coaching and, in particular, mental and physical wellbeing in sport.
  • Continue running campaigns such as #ReshapingSport, Rainbow Laces and #WeGetConsent to ensure that nobody feels unwelcome in the sporting community.


  • Making Varsity an experience, involve food and drink stalls at more events, and end the occasion with a massive #TeamWarwick celebration.
  • Online Varsity shop for T-Shirts, Hoodies and other #TeamWarwick stash.
  • Work to get more fixtures, with more clubs involved.
  • Have a series of friendly matches happening as well, either before or during Varsity, getting more students involved in sports, getting more spectators and building the hype even more.


  • Create a flexible postgraduate and staff sports programme that is easy to join and participate in.
  • Ensure that there exists a stable and accessible disabled sports programme in time for the opening of the new Sport and Wellbeing hub.

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