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Candidate for the position of Societies Officer




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#Leo for Socs


Leo for Socs

Hola! My name is Leo Palma and I’m running to be your next Societies Officer. Here is a little bit about me:

- Society Exec Member                - Politics Society Social Sec

- PAIS SSLC Member                  - PAIS Student

- Dirty Duck Staff


My Key Election Pledges are:

  • A Winning Welcome Week
  • Warwick Online Calendar
  • ‘Envision’ Warwick
  • Progressive Welfare Training




Policy Info:

  • A Winning Welcome Week

I will ensure the new Welcome Week is engaging and helpful for all incoming freshers by creating ‘Discover Societies’ - an interactive quiz on the Societies website where student are recommended societies based on their answers. This will make joining societies easier for all students.


  • Warwick Online Calendar

I will improve and digitalize the Warwick Calendar, making it centralised and visible at the touch of a button. All Society Presidents will be able to edit this calendar to add their society’s events, making it simpler to see events for all societies or filter to only the ones you've joined. 


  • ‘Envision’ Warwick

I will reposition Creative Warwick's focus, ensuring that it has a clear goal of promoting the diverse range of societies the SU has to offer.
 I will create ‘Societies of the Week’ series promoting the events of that society during the week, ensuring that big and small societies have equal publicity and will provide them with a platform to showcase their fantastic events.


  • Progressive Welfare Training

The welfare of students is vital, and current welfare execs in societies have a lack of knowledge on how to fulfil their role. I propose to introduce comprehensive and progressive welfare training, such as Disclosure Referral training, equipping them with the knowledge to be ready to act if any problems within their society arise.



Warwick Politics Society

  • Social Secretary 2017 – 18
  • Social Freshers Rep 2016 – 17

Societies Exec Member 2017 -18


Wider Policies

  • Create a Forum for Societies to collaborate easier with each other
  • Ensure Conferences are easier to book
  • Speed up communication between Societies and the SU
  • Streamline SU booking system


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