Term 1 Democracy Timeline

Make Your Mark


Week -1
Welcome Week
Week 2
  • Friday 12th October: Nominations close in the Autumn Elections, 12noon

Week 3
  • Tuesday 15th October: Campaigning and polling opens in the Autumn Elections, 9am

  • Friday 19th October: Campaigning and polling closes in the Autumn Elections, 12noon

  • Friday 19th October: Provisional results announced

  • Saturday 20th October: Compulsory Exec Training

Week 4
Week 5
Week 6
Week 7
  • Monday 12th November: All Student Vote, 5pm, SU Atrium

  • Tuesday 13th November: Voting opens in the All Student Vote, 9am

  • Friday 16th November: Voting closes in the All Student Vote, 12noon

  • Friday 16th November: Provisional All Student Vote Results announced

Week 8
Week 10
  • Monday 3rd December: Amendments to Student Council deadline

  • Tuesday 4th December: Student Council Meeting, 4pm, MR2