Student Council

Student Council is made up of:

  • 7 Sabbatical Officers (President, Education Officer, Postgraduate Officer, Democracy & Development Officer, Sports Officer, Societies Officer, Welfare & Campaigns Officer)
  • 8 Liberation and Diversity Officers (Disabled Students' Officer, Trans Students' Officer, LGBTUA+ Officer, Women's Officer, Ethnic Minorities Officer, EU International Students' Officer, non-EU International Students' Officer, Part-Time & Mature Students' Officer)
  • 7 Chairs of SU Execs (Democracy Exec Chair, Development Exec Chair, Education Exec Chair, Postgraduate Exec Chair, Welfare Exec Chair, Sports Exec Chair, Societies Exec Chair)
  • Chair and Deputy Chair of Council

These 24 representatives meet at least 5 times per year to hold Officers to account, receive reports from representatives and NUS delegates, ratify trustee appointments, co-opt vacant Faculty Rep positions, renew/ review/ lapse Union policy, and refer motions to the All Student Vote (amongst other responsibilities). You can find the agendas, papers and minutes of previous Student Council Meetings below.