Student Council

Comprised of the Sabbs, the Chairs of each Exec and a selection of Part-Time Officers, Student Council exists to ratify and pass routine, uncontroversial (as decided by Democracy Exec) resolution changes to byelaws and the procedures and principles of the SU. It also elects the Chair and Deputy Chair of Council annually.

The membership of Student Council is able to decide on the following:

  • Co-option of Officer and Exec Committee positions unfilled after an Election
  • Presentations on Union Finance and Union Strategy.
  • Approval of Associate Memberships to the Union, Sports Clubs, and Societies.
  • Appointment of Honorary Life Members of the Union.
  • Renewal of Union Policy.
  • Amendments to Union Procedures and Principles, Union Policy, Union By-Laws, and Union Regulations.
  • Referral of business to SU Referenda.
  • Approval of the membership of the Elections Adjudications Panel.
  • Approval of Officer Job Descriptions.
  • Submission of motions to affiliated organisations (including motions to NUS Conference).
  • Removal of directly elected Exec Committee members.
  • Questions to Officers and Trustees.
  • Updates from Officers and Exec Committee Chairs.
  • Receive recommendations from Exec Committees on relevant motions.
  • Passing Emergency Policy Motions (can only be passed by a 2/3 majority of Student Council and must be ratified at a following SU Referendum)
  • The election of the Chair and Deputy Chair of Student Council.
  • The election of Union Student Trustees.
  • Motions of no confidence in Union Officers.”

Student Council Minutes