Your Execs

SU Execs are at the heart of how our SU represents and acts on students' interests and ideas. SU Exec members are made up of directly elected student members as well as Faculty Reps, Part-Time Officers and Sabbatical Officers. The SU Execs are given the ability to run campaigns, organise events, hold the Officers to account, be part of democratic processes and make change that will affect students and the wider community. As well as this, Execs meet to make decisions on policy renewals and comment on motions proposed to Student Council/ All Student Vote. The Chairs of Execs take the feedback from their Exec to Student Council.
You can click on each Exec in the infographic below to find out more about each one

There are 8 Execs:

  • Democracy Exec (6 directly elected members, Democracy & Development Officer, Chairs of Council)
  • Development Exec (6 directly elected positions, Democracy & Development Officer, Environment & Ethics Officer)
  • Sports Exec (8 directly elected positions, Sports Officer)
  • Societies Exec ( 8 directly elected positions, Societies Officer)
  • Education Exec (4 directly elected positions, Undergraduate Faculty Reps, Education Officer)
  • Postgraduate Exec (4 directly elected positions, Postgraduate Faculty Reps, Postgraduate Officer)
  • Welfare Exec (6 directly elected positions, 2 directly elected Mental Health Awareness Campaign Reps, Welfare & Campaigns Officer)
  • Liberation & Diversity Exec (5 Liberation Officers, 3 Diversity Officers, President)

Elections to become an Exec member are open very soon in the Autumn Term. Look out on the homepage for information about how to nominate yourself for a position.

A position on an Exec is an easy way for someone with no experience in SU Elections, campaigns or activism to get involved. All Execs receive dedicated staff support. SU Execs are about giving everyone a chance to be heard on the ideas they feel passionate about: so get involved!