What is a Resolution Motion?

A resolution motion involves mandating the SU to change something internally and can usually be voted on by Student Council. For example, a recent motion titled "Warwick SU for Greater Engagement and Representation" passed as a resolution motion at Student Council. It mandates the SU to improve an internal SU function.

What is a Policy Motion?

A policy motion gives the SU a stance to act on an external political matter and/or mandates them to get involved in a national campaign. These motions, if passed at Student Council, are voted on at the All Student Vote. For example, a recent motion titled "Fossil Free RSC" passed at the All Student Vote and it mandates the Sabbatical Officers to take action on an external matter through lobbying the RSC.


Submit a motion:

Any Warwick Student can submit a motion. All motions are reviewed by an Impact Assessment panel for financial, legal and reputational implications before progressing. If your motion passes at a Student Council or All Student Vote, it becomes SU policy for 2 years. A policy mandates a specific representative (SU Exec, Liberation, Part-Time or Sabbatical Officer or our NUS delegates) to act on an issue that concerns Warwick Students.

  • You need 2 people to submit a motion: a proposer and a seconder
  • Writing policy is very simple with four main parts:
    • The Title:
      This should be clear, concise, and notifies the reader what the motion is about
    • 'This Union Notes':
      Factual statements surrounding the issue, including references (Tip: if you can't back up your factual statement it should go in the believes section)
    • 'This Union Believes':
      Saying what stance the Union should take
    • 'This Union Resolves':
      What you want the SU to do (mandate a specific Officer, e.g. if the resolve is to improve the environment, it would be best to mandate the Environment and Ethics Officer and Democracy and Development Officer)
  • You can see the current policy list here to help you write your motion
  • If your proposal has financial implications for the SU you will need to write a quick financial plan, highlighting the costs to the SU e.g. purchasing costs, contractual costs, staff costs, staff time
  • Make sure you submit your motion on time!

Submission deadlines:

  • submission to Student Council and/ or the All Student Vote: Monday 14th January, 12noon
  • submission to Student Council: Monday 4th March, 12noon

Policy Template

If you have any questions about writing a policy please contact democracy@warwicksu.com or pop in and see your Democracy and Development Officer or a member of the Democratic Services Team.