What is a Policy Motion?

A policy gives the SU a stance to act on an external political matter and/or mandates them to get involved in a national campaign.

Any Warwick Student can introduce a policy. A policy mandates a specific representative (SU Exec, Liberation, Part-Time or Sabbatical Officer or our NUS delegates) to act on an issue that concerns Warwick Students.

Submit a policy:

  • You need two people to submit a policy: a proposer and a seconder
  • Writing a policy is very simple with main parts:
    • The Title
    • ‘This Union Notes’: factual statements surrounding the issue
    • ‘This Union Believes’: saying what stance the Union should take
    • ‘This Union resolves’: What you want the SU to do
  • If your proposal has financial implications for the SU you will need to write a quick financial plan, highlighting the costs to the SU e.g. purchasing costs, contractual costs, staff costs, staff time, resource costs
  • Make sure you check the Democracy Timeline and submit your policy on time!

Policy Template

If you have any questions about writing a policy please contact democracy@warwicksu.comor pop in and see your Democracy and Development Officer or a member of the Democratic Services Team.What type of policy does the SU already have?

What type of policy does the SU already have?

Click here to see the SUs current policy list