Policy Zones

The SU has 7 different policy zones. Policy passed at the SU Referenda gets categorised into one of these zones. Each zone is presided over by one or more SU Exec and corresponds to the SU Officer that it mandates.

Policy List


Development and Environment Zone

All policy relating to Ethics and Environment and students in wider society.

Education Zone

All policy relating to Higher Education and the University such as funding, teaching learning and support.


Welfare Zone

All policy related to Welfare such as housing, healthcare and students in the community.

Liberation and Diversity Zone

All policy related to liberation groups such as disabled students, women, ethnic minority and LGBT students.


Student Activities Zone

All policy relating to the activities of Sports clubs and Societies

Union Democracy Zone

All policy relating to the democratic structures and accountability of the Union. This shall include all boycotts and eternal matters concerning democracy in the community

Postgraduate Zone

All Policy relating to Postgraduate Students' wellbeing, education and development.

Union Procedures & Principles

Union Procedures and Principles are essentially the rules governing how the Union operates on a day-to-day basis (for example, what we sell, when we open, how we support students), and are submitted and passed at Student Council. Whereas Union policy mandates the Union to campaign on an issue, Procedures and Principles are not able to do this and are purely operational.

Boycott List

The following list of Boycotted Companies applies to all stock, advertising, sponsorship and relationships with Warwick SU. The list can be amended by democratic process but will not apply to Sports Clubs and Societies. Supporting notes are kept for all items on the Boycott List.