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The following motions have been put forward by students looking for your support:

Start a petition

To sign a petition just log in, at the top right of the page, read the motion and if it is a matter you agree with the click 'Sign the Petition'. 

Starting a Petition

Setting up a petition for students is one of the ways a policy motion can be submitted to the All Student Meeting and voted on at the SU Referenda. 

To submit a policy motion via petition, the motion must be accompanied by a petition of 1% (approx. 250 students). 

The petition must contain a students full name and their University ID number. When signing the petition students must be made fully aware of what they are signing and the details of the policy motion.

A petition must still be Impact Assessed but will then automatically go to the All Student Meeting and subsequent SU Referenda.

To set up an electronic petition please email the policy motion, along with any supporting text you want to encourage people, to sign the petition, with to

If you want advice or help writing your own motion, you can check out our existing policy, or arrange to meet with a member of the Democracy Team by emailing or popping into our offices on Floor 2 of SUHQ.