Every Warwick student can introduce a policy. We realise though that looking at the list of well-researched and laid-out policies our SU currently has can seem a bit daunting if you are writing a policy for the first time. However, we believe this should never be a barrier, so here is our guide to help you understand what a policy is and how to write one.

What is a Policy?

A policy mandates specific SU Officers (Sabbatical, Part-Time or our NUS delegates) to act on an issue that concerns Warwick students.

A policy is different to a ‘resolution’ or ‘Action Your Officer’, the other common ways that students can enact change. A Policy usually gives the SU a stance to act on externally. This can mandate the SU to lobby the University - for example, Policy 059 on a '24 Hour Library' mandates the Education, President and Postgraduate Officer to lobby the University for a 24 Hour library.

Alternatively, a policy can mandate the SU to take a political stance and get involved in regional or national campaigns - such as Policy 004, ‘Warwick SU Against Tuition Fees’, which mandates the SU to support a student’s right to peaceful protest, mandating SU Officers and NUS Delegates to campaign against all forms of tuition fees.

A resolution, by contrast, changes the internal rules and regulations on how our SU works day-to-day, such as food provision or the rules for SU elections. Action Your Officer, on the other hand, polls students' requests for Officers to look into a smaller one-off issue such as the scope for stocking ethical fizzy drinks.

If you’re unsure if your idea is best put forward as a policy, a resolution or simply a request to action an Officer, just ask. Our Democracy Team is here to help everyone take part in all aspects of our democratic union.

You can submit policy by emailing it to ddo@warwicksu.com