International Students' Officers

The International Students' Officers sit on Student Council and act as Co-ordinators of the International Students’ Association.

The International Students' Officers coordinate the representation of members of the international community at a campus, local and national level. Raising awareness of issues affecting international students in all areas and ensuring their views and opinions are reflected in all areas of Union and University activity.

International Students' Officer (Non-EU)

  • Alisa Qian

    Hi, I’m Alisa, a first year Economics student and your International Students’ Officer for non-EU students this year. I will mainly focus on providing international students with more opportunities to develop career skills on campus and find jobs after university. Based on your needs, I will cooperate with the SU and relevant societies to offer knowledge-based courses related to career development, as well as urging the University to increase vacancies for events on MyAdvantage so that more students can access those opportunities.

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    In terms of cultural integration, I will advise the SU to provide brochures introducing different countries’ festivals and conventions to increase mutual understanding and prevent cultural misinterpretations. Individuals and societies will also be encouraged to initiate more activities such as language exchange events, where people from different countries can gather together and learn each other’s language for free. I will also seek to provide more opportunities for students who are interested to learn more about a religion’s conventions and taboos.

    I also wish to create an independent committee dealing with complaints about safety issues, as well as providing more safety tips for international students. Students from second or third year are also encouraged to provide free tours around the campus for international students, enabling them to become more familiar with their surroundings at the beginning of the term. If you’d like to get in touch with me, please email me via

International Students' Officer (EU)

  • Maria Lopez Forner

    Hi! I'm Maria Lopez Forner, and this year I'm the International Students Officer for European students. I'm from Spain, and currently in my third year at Warwick studying Mathematics. My priorities are making things easier for all international students, as well as improving communication between international students and other members of the Warwick community. To achieve this, I will focus on organising themed evenings, in which there will be music and food from a specific country.

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    All international students will be invited, and it will hopefully be a great way to learn about different cultures and meet new people!

    I am also working to set up a buddy scheme so that each new international student is assigned one Warwick student to guide them in all aspects of academic, administrative and social life. In addition, I will be organizing workshops for international students about English culture and history, together with Facebook and Twitter pages for international students to let you know about everything that’s going on at the University.

    I would love to hear your ideas, requests and opinions, so please feel free to contact me via!