Faculty Reps

Our Faculty Reps take the lead on academic issues, representing the interests of students in their faculty on Student-Staff Liaison Committees, University Committees and Boards. 

Arts Faculty

Undergraduate: Emma Worrall
Contact Emma via ugarts@warwicksu.com

Postgraduate Taught: TBC
Contact this officer via pgarts@warwicksu.com

Postgraduate Research: TBC
Contact this officer via pgarts@warwicksu.com

Science, Engineering & Medicine Faculty

Undergraduate (Physics and Formal Science)¹: Adeel Baig
Contact Adeel via ugscience_phys_form@warwicksu.com

Undergraduate (Engineering and Experimental)²: Nobeen Islam
Contact this officer via ugscience_eng_exp@warwicksu.com

Postgraduate Taught (non-Medicine): Jonny Mellor
Contact this officer via PGT_SEM_non-med@warwicksu.com 

Postgraduate Research (non-Medicine): Alex Baker
Contact Alex via pgscience@warwicksu.com

Postgraduate Taught (Medicine): 
Contact this officer via 

Postgraduate Research (Medicine): TBC
Contact this officer via TBC

MBChB: Narriel Morrison
Contact this officer via MBChB@warwicksu.com 

Social Science Faculty

Undergraduate (non-WBS): Sam Polhill
Contact Sam via ugsocialscience@warwicksu.com

Undergraduate (WBS): Russell Wee
Contact this officer via ugsocialsciencewbs@warwicksu.com

Postgraduate Taught (non-WBS): Dalila Da-Silva
Contact this officer via pgtsocialscience@warwicksu.com

Postgraduate Taught (WBS): Sophia Petropoulos
Contact this officer via pgrsocialscience@warwicksu.com

Postgraduate Research: Anastasia Stavridou
Contact this officer via pgrsocialscience@warwicksu.com

Foundation Faculty

Foundation: TBC
Contact this officer via TBC

¹ Including Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics and Statistics
² Including Chemistry, Engineering, Life Sciences, Psychology, and Warwick Manufacturing Group