Faculty Representatives

Our Faculty Representatives take the lead on academic issues, who represent the interests of students in their faculty on Student-Staff Liaison Committees, University Committees and Boards. 


Undergraduate: Jorun Bork
Contact Jorun: j.bork@warwick.ac.uk

Postgraduate Taught: Daisy Richards
Contact Daisy: daisy.richards@warwick.ac.uk


Undergraduate (Physics and Formal Science)¹: Beth Kynman
Contact Beth: b.kynman@warwick.ac.uk

Undergraduate (Engineering and Experimental)²: Hannah Koestler
Contact Hannah: h.koestler@warwick.ac.uk

Postgraduate Taught: Awati Mohammed
Contact Awati: a.mohammed.9@warwick.ac.uk

Postgraduate Research: Alex Baker
Contact Alex: a.n.baker@warwick.ac.uk

Social Science

Undergraduate: Sophie Worrall
Contact Sophie: s.worrall.1@warwick.ac.uk

Undergraduate (WBS): Greg Clarke
Contact Greg: g.clarke@warwick.ac.uk

Postgraduate Taught: Wanjiku Murage
Contact Wanjiku: s.murage@warwick.ac.uk

Postgraduate Taught (WBS): Chelsea Ziegler
Contact Chelsea: c.ziegler@warwick.ac.uk


MBChB: Adeola Salau
Contact Adeola: a.salau@warwick.ac.uk

MBChB: George Hawker-Bond
Contact George: g.w.hawker-bond@warwick.ac.uk

Vacant representative positions:

Arts - Postgraduate Research

Medical - Postgraduate Research

Social Science - Postgraduate Research



¹ Including Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics and Statistics
² Including Chemistry  Engineering, Life Sciences, Psychology, and Warwick Manufacturing Group