Faculty Representatives

Our Faculty Representatives take the lead on academic issues, representing your interests on SSLCs (Student-Staff Liaison Committees) and Graduate Boards.

Medical Faculty 

Amy Coats

Hi I'm Amy, I'm a first year medical student at Warwick and am looking forward to making stronger connections between the medical school and the SU.
I have previously studied at Derby University and Nottingham University, but have never held a position like this, so I am looking forward to learning about my new role and hopefully helping implement some positive changes.
Please feel free to get in touch with myself (or the other medical school representative, Kate) if you have any suggestions for us.


Katie Foy


Contact Katie and Amy: medicalfaculty@warwicksu.com

Arts Faculty

Science Faculty

Social Science Faculty


Aiste Jotautyte                                          

Hi, I’m Aiste, MA International Security student and your PGT Social Sciences Faculty Representative. I am a Warwick graduate, having done PAIS for the last three years, been a part of PAIS SSLC and Welfare Exec, this year I am here for you to make sure that the faculty and your departments take the best care of you and provide you with the best academic opportunities possible!


I will make sure that my concerns about the poor circulation of vital information regarding academic and welfare issues, lack of opportunities to explore careers options in international organizations, NGOs or academia, not enough of community building activities will be heard. However, most of all, I want to hear about the problems you face and I will make sure to stand up for your interests in the meetings with faculty and university boards. So please do get in touch, I would love to hear what is Social Sciences Faculty and the university in general doing well and what they could do better!

Contact Aiste: pgsocialscience@warwicksu.com


Postgraduate (WBS): Viktoriia Kushchak

Contact Viktoriia: pgsocialscience@warwicksu.com