Societies Exec

The Societies Exec is in place to support the Societies Officer in representing student’s society interests. They will work alongside the Societies Officer to make key decisions involving the future of societies while taking a leading role in the Creative Warwick campaign. The role also includes scrutinising and approving new society applications as well as judging the societies awards.

What the Societies Exec does

  • Decides who does and doesn’t become a society
  • Decides on allocating emergency funding to societies
  • Decides on society name and constitutional changes
  • Judges the Societies Awards
  • Reviews Socs Fed procedures

Thinking of setting up a society?

We’re always happy to see people coming together to set up a new society and would encourage anybody who thinks they have a good idea for a society to pursue it. If you’re looking to set up a new society then please undertake the following steps

  • Complete the three online forms entitled ‘Society Constitution’, ‘New Society’ and ‘Exec Registration’
  • Collect 30 signatures and university numbers of students interesting in joining your new society and email to
  • You will then present your new society idea to the Societies Exec where members of the group and SU staff will ask any questions that they might have regarding your society
  • If you are recognised as a society then you will need to complete an official constitution and exec sheet in order to be formed in time for the next term. Please also be aware at this stage that not all new societies are approved.
  • For more information about these steps and for all other relevant information, visit

Emergency funding for societies

It is sometimes the case that a society may find themselves in need of urgent funding for various reasons. For this, the SU has a Societies Emergency Fund that can be used to give financial assistance to societies who need it, with the Societies Exec being responsible for deciding how to allocate this funding.

If you are on a society exec that requires urgent funding for an emergency then please fill out the ‘Socs Fed Emergency Fund Bid’ form under ‘Funding and Sponsorship’ on exec recourses and the Societies Exec will review this application as soon as possible.

Thinking of changing the name or constitution of your society?

As societies progress, some execs may want to change the name and/or the constitution of their society, with the Societies Exec being responsible for approving all such changes to names and constitutions. If you are seeking a change of constitution then you must submit it to the exec and also have it voted upon by at least 20% of the members of your society.

If you would like to change your society’s name then please fill out this form on this page