Postgraduate Exec

Postgraduates make up almost 50% of the student population at Warwick, and the Postgraduate Exec works to represent Postgraduate students at Warwick SU. With directly elected Postgraduate Taught and Postgraduate Research Exec members, alongside Postgraduate Taught and Research Faculty Reps, this Exec will organise events and act on issues arising from SSLCs and Faculty Boards. As well as raising awareness of the services available to Postgraduates, the Exec will also campaign on Postgraduate concerns. If you’re keen to run campaigns and events, representing your Postgraduate peers, this is the exec for you.

How your Postgrad Exec is formed:

All directly elected Exec members and Faculty Reps are Elected in the Autumn Elections period. The Chair of Postgrad Exec will be elected at the first meeting and sit on Student Council. Frequency of Exec meetings: roughly 4 times a term. Sabb Contact: Postgraduate Officer.

Ellie King

Position: Postgraduate Officer

Area of study: MA in Early Modern History

Why did I run for this position?

I wanted to represent the postgraduate community, and do all I can to improve their Warwick experience. This involves ensuring they are better integrated into the wider student community, creating social, academic, and networking opportunities, and supporting them through the challenges of postgrad life.

What do I want to do?

I’ve been working to introduce postgrad reps into societies and sports clubs, and I’d like to ensure there is a vibrant and diverse social programme for our postgraduate community. I’d like to provide more practical information for new postgrad students, so they can settle quickly into life at Warwick and make the most of their time here.

Fun fact: I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro at the end of my first year here – all the way back in 2015! I’ve not done that much exercise since.

Evé Wheeler-Jones

Position: Postgraduate (Research) Exec Member

Area of Study: PhD in Electrochemical Engineering in WMG

Why did I run for this position and what do I want to do?

When I transitioned from undergrad to postgrad here at Warwick I noticed some big changes with work load, time management and lifestyle. I saw a lack of PG engagement, especially in sports and societies. I worked with in ChemSoc to help improve this in the sciences, however I want to push this further using my role in the SU.

Fun fact: Outside of my degree I train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as much as I can and do lots of outreach work!

Dalila da Silva Lopes

Position: Postgraduate Rep for Social Science

Area of study: Double MA in International Security

Why did I run for this position and what do I want to do?

I would like to improve the availability of both space and resources for postgraduate students. I would also like to bring more awareness to wellbeing services available to students and overall create a more welcoming atmosphere to postgraduates by creating more events that surround their needs.

Fun fact: When I was a kid my dream was to be a firefighter

Anastasia Stavridou

Position: Postgraduate Rep for Social Science

Area of Study: First year PhD student at the Centre for Applied Linguistics (CAL)

Why did I run for this position and what do I want to do?

To make Departmental bursaries for doctoral studies accessible for all, increase paid teaching opportunities, encourage departments to introduce welfare tutors and bring the career services closer to PGRs.

Fun fact: In my free time I enjoy swimming and watching films.

Jonathon Mellor

Position: Postgraduate Taught Science, Engineering and Medicine (Non-Medicine) Faculty Rep.

Area of Study: MSc in Computer Science

Why did I run for this position and what do I want to do?

I wanted to be a rep because the master’s year is challenging for many and I hoped to be able to help improve people’s experience of Warwick

Fun fact: In my free time I enjoy drowning my sorrows at T-bar and producing radio shows.

Anjana Radhakrishnan

Position: Postgraduate (Research) Exec Member

Area of Study: PhD in Life Sciences

Why did I run for this position and what do I want to do?

Within the first few weeks of my postgraduate degree, I was alarmed by the lack of involvement of postgraduates in extracurricular activities. I wanted to run to be on the postgraduate exec to help improve participation and inclusion of postgraduate students in sports clubs and societies, as well as having more postgraduate focussed events to offer more support and networking.

Fun fact: I play underwater hockey, it’s a great sport, that not many people have heard of before coming to university (including myself).

Alex Baker

Position: PGR Science, Engineering and Medicine Faculty Representative (Non-Medicine)

Area of Study: PhD in Point of Care Diagnostics in Chemistry

Why did I run for this position and what do I want to do?

I am honoured to be elected to my 2nd term in this role. I will continue to push for better mental health support for PGRs, fair wages for PGRs who teach and an open and respectful work environment for all. In the coming academic year there will be new challenges as the Science Faculty and Medicine Faculty join to form the Science, Engineering and Medicine Faculty. I look forward to overcoming these challenges and delivering a better Warwick for student and staff colleagues.

Fun fact: I was born on exactly the same day as Justin Bieber.

Konstantin Eisel

Position: Postgraduate Exec Member (Taught)

Area of study: Politics and International Studies Double MA

Why did I run for this position and what do I want to do?

Having held different positions in my old Students Union for years, I love taking responsibility for my fellow students and representing their interests toward the University.

My policy priorities for this year are: Provide more dedicated study spaces for postgrads, improve postgrads’ involvement in SU activities (especially among internationals) and strengthen the postgrad community through more social events. Please feel free to contact me if you have any other suggestions!

Fun Fact:

I’m actually from Germany! As such I feel a special obligation to look out for the needs of my fellow international students, whether they come from the EU or from further afield.

Sophia Petropoulos

Position: Postgraduate Taught Social Sciences Faculty Representative for WBS

Area of study: MSc in Management of IS and Digital Innovation

Why did I run for this position and what do I want to do?

As a postgraduate student myself, I can relate to the academic, social and financial pressures we face as well as wanting to make the most of our most of postgraduate studies during this short period of time. Therefore, my aim this year is to ensure that you guys are well represented, supported and provided for during your time here. Have your voices heard by pushing for your requests and issues to be addressed in order to improve current and future postgraduate students’ education and experience at the University. Make sure you have more than a degree by raising awareness of different events and opportunities to improve career prospects as well as provide career-related events more suitable to your needs.

Richard Martin Tekel

Position: Postgraduate (Taught) Exec Member

Area of Study: MSc in Service Management and Design (WMG)

Why did I run for this position and what do I want to do?

I liked the idea of SU which looks way differently from what I was used to in Brno and wanted to experience it.
PG life at Warwick is great so far, but, I believe, can be improved…
1. Social – Improve Welcome Week as a tool for socialization with like-minded postgrads. 
2. Professional Development - bring the Uni research closer to the taught postgrads and allow possible synergic effects of that. Students will get direct access and insights into recent developments/challenges in the fields of their interest while researchers might be exposed to new ideas and out of the box thinking.

Fun Fact: Started to play volleyball after being rejected by a football club. I am so grateful for this rejection. Thank you very much footballers!