Education Exec

The Education Exec is a vital part of the SU. 4 directly elected members will be working alongside the Education Officer and UG Faculty Reps to create positive change through collaborating on campaigns that will affect students locally and nationally, as well as supporting over 700 Course Reps. If you have good ideas on how to make students’ educational experience better, or just want to get involved, stand for election!

Campaigns with the Education Exec have included; Transforming Rate My Module, SSLC standardisation, Lecture capture rollout, and formulating a response to the Higher Education Government reforms.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch regarding any issues or queries you may have. 

How your Education Exec is formed:

The Education Exec members are elected in the Autumn Elections period whilst all Faculty Rep members are elected in the Officer Elections in the Spring. The Chair of Education Exec will be elected at the first meeting and sit on Student Council. Frequency of Exec Meetings: roughly 4 times a term. Sabb contact: Education Officer.

With over 700 Course Reps across all departments and 9 Faculty Reps, whether you’re an Undergrad or Postgrad, improving your Education is at the core of what the SU is here for. The Education Exec is your opportunity to work alongside Faculty Reps and staff not only in reviewing issues raised from Faculty Boards and SSLC’s, but to organise and campaign on the issues that affect every single student.

  • Larissa - Education exec


    Hey! I’m Larissa – your Education Officer. My job is to make sure your education experience at Warwick is the best it can possibly be. Day-to-day, I attend University meetings to ensure that the student voice gets heard loud and clear, and that your interests are at the centre of everything the University does. This academic representation is vital, so I support and collaborate with your fantastic Course Reps and Part-Time Officers (both of which you should definitely get involved with!) to achieve real, positive change. Throughout the year, you can expect campaigns headed by me tackling the biggest education issues facing you at Warwick and beyond, be they additional course costs, cuts to funding, poor welfare provision and much more. If you have any issues or questions, please get in touch with me. I’m here to work for you!

  • Alex - Education exec


    I’m Alex, a 2nd year politics student and chair of the Education Exec. My priorities for the year are to fight fee rises by the University, work with faculty reps to ensure consistent use of lecture capture across departments, to help Liam to tackle hidden course costs to make Warwick an accessible university. I also aim to be responsive to evolving challenges in Higher Education policy over the course of the year to make sure we, as an exec, are working in your interests. If you have any questions, please contact me on:

  • Joe - Education exec


    Hi I’m Joe Quick, I’m a 1st year History and German student. I decided to run for education exec as I wanted to improve the facilities for all students at Warwick. My aims for this year are: improve the use of lecture capture, ensure an easier transition between a level and uni and ensure that exam timetables are released earlier.

  • Jo - Education exec


    Hi, I am Jo, and in my third and final year studying English Literature and Creative Writing. My goals this year are to create a better consistency between the departments in the Arts faculty through improved communication, and better mental health awareness. Moreover, I want to encourage the university staff to modernise assessment methods, as our current examination procedures are out-dated and need to adjust themselves to our digital world. Feel free to email me with questions and concerns any time at

  • Greg - Education exec


    Hi I’m Greg - a 3rd year Accounting and Finance Student, and currently your WBS UG Faculty Rep. This position has been left vacant for the last couple of years as the distance between the SU and WBS continues to grow. My priority for you is bridging that gap and giving WBS a voice in the SU once more, whilst aiming to increase the Union’s presence in the Business School. If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to email me at

  • Beth - Education exec


    I’m Beth, a third year Maths and Physics student and the UG Faculty Rep for Physics and Formal Sciences!

    My main priority for the year is regarding student support and welfare within departments. I would like to increase departmental involvement with SU Welfare campaigns and generally increase the dialogue around student welfare. In addition to that, I am here to support all students in the maths, statistics, physics and computer science departments.


    Hannah Koestler


    Joy Onyemaechi