The Democracy Exec


Who, What. When and where?

The Democracy Exec is the hub for all things elections. Comprised of 6 directly elected members, Chair of Council, Deputy Chair, Returning Officer and the Democracy and Development Officer, it takes the lead in organising All Student Meetings (ASM), facilitating autumn and Sabbatical Officer Elections and engaging students in everything we do.

Exec members are there to support students through policy process and make sure every democratic event engages students from across our diverse campus.The Democracy Exec is integral to reviewing and steering all proposed policy and supporting all students in the Democratic process.


Want to be a part of the Exec?

Posts to be elected:

  • 6 directly elected members (Autumn Elections)
  • The Chair of Democracy Exec will be elected at the first meeting and sit on Student Council.
  • Frequency of Exec meetings: roughly once a fortnight
  • Sabb contact: Democracy and Development Officer