2015-16 - Term 3 - Results

Following an All Student Meeting and an Emergency All Student Meeting on the 16th May, an online Referendum was held on all the motions to these meetings between 9am 17th and 12pm midday 20th May. The breakdown of all the results are present on this page.

On the question of ‘Should Warwick continue its affiliation with the National Union of Students?’ for which an Emergency All Student Meeting was called, 63.4% voted ‘Yes’, 34.9% voted ‘No’, and 1.7% abstained. Warwick SU shall continue its affiliation with the National Union of Students.

The number of individual voters in this Referendum was 2463, equating to just over 10% of all Warwick Students casting their vote. This represents the highest ever turnout for an SU Referendum following an All Student Meeting, beating the previous record of 1856 set in the Spring All Student Meeting of 2014. This turnout reflects the high quality and level of campaigning by our Students on all sides of the debate.

Thank you to everyone who voted, everyone who campaigned and to the SU Democracy and Marketing Teams, Returning Officer and Adjudication Panel for carrying out a successful All Student Meeting and Referendum.

The deadline for complaints is 9am 23rd May with the deadline for appeals on week after at 9am 30th May.

NUS Affiliation Voting Statistics

Number of Individual Voters: 2463

Total Number of Votes: 2463

ASM Voting Statistics

Number of Individual Voters: 2339

Total Number of Votes: 16584

Should Warwick SU continue its affiliation with the National Union of Students?

Motion Document | Total Vote: 2463

  • Yes:1561
  • No:859
  • Abstain:43

Motion is carried.

Warwick SU – Let’s Stay in the EU

Motion Document | Total Vote: 2280

  • For:1763
  • Against:354
  • Abstain:163

Motion is carried.

Mental Health

Motion Document | Total Vote: 1876

  • For:1612
  • Against:97
  • Abstain:221

Motion carried.

Warwick Against Anti-Semitism

Motion Document | Total Vote: 1876

  • For:1342
  • Against:189
  • Abstain:345

Motion carried

Ethical Eats Ethos

Motion Document | Total Vote: 1795

  • For:1085
  • Against:336
  • Abstain:374

Motion is carried.

Supporting Hourly Paid Teachers and Academics

Motion Document | Total Vote: 1701

  • For:1350
  • Against:101
  • Abstain:250

Motion is carried.

Should the SU run a campaign to sabotage the NSS?

Motion Document | Total Vote: 2003

  • Yes:561
  • No:770
  • Abstain:672

Motion not carried

(Deport Theresa May) Let International Students Stay

Motion Document | Total Vote:1755

  • For:1038
  • Against:369
  • Abstain:348

Motion is carried.

Warwick Against Human Rights Abuses – Boycott G4S

Motion Document | Total Vote:1598

  • For:910
  • Against:331
  • Abstain:357

Motion is carried.

Students Against TTIP

Motion Document | Total Vote:1646

  • For:657
  • Against:281
  • Abstain:708

In accordance with Regulation 9.3.10 on abstentions, the Returning Officers’ present decided this motion was carried’