2015-16 - Term 1 - Results

The results are in and every motion submitted by our students and voted on by our students passed and will now become SU policy. Congratulations to all those who campaigned for the motions. We as an SU are now democratically mandated to act and have a political stance on issues from Erasmus fees to recorded lectures, lifting the University’s injunction and campaigning against the HE Green Paper and campaigning for a permanent space for environmental sustainability.

Despite the lack of campaigns against the motions and the overwhelming support the motions received from the floor at the All Student Meeting, turn-out did not decrease as we would expect with apparently un-contentious motions. In fact turn-out was 1014, up 47% on last year’s Autumn All Student Meeting vote, a solid vindication of the campaigning that went into supporting these motions and of the legitimacy of the SU to act on our new policy. Aiding this, we have never had so many motions submitted to one All Student Meeting in the history of All Student Meetings with 11 motions making to the voting stage, signalling a sustained higher level of student engagement. We still have a lot of work to do to increase awareness and turnouts further - enough is never enough - but this vote was a healthy show for SU Democracy!

Voting Statistics

Number of Individual Voters: 1014

Total Number of Votes: 8137

Recorded Lectures

Motion Document | Total Vote:892

  • For:784
  • Against:59
  • Abstain:59

Motion is carried.

Erasmus Fees

Motion Document | Total Vote: 823

  • For:584
  • Against:110
  • Abstain:129

Motion is carried.

Higher Education Green Paper

Motion Document | Total Vote: 745

  • For:494
  • Against:158
  • Abstain:93

Motion is carried.

Opposing the TEF

Motion Document | Total Vote: 708

  • For:442
  • Against:141
  • Abstain:125

Motion is carried.

Counter Terrorism and Security Act

Motion Document | Total Vote: 715

  • For:386
  • Against:193
  • Abstain:136

Motion is carried.

Defining Free Education

Motion Document | Total Vote: 691

  • For:437
  • Against:158
  • Abstain:96

Motion is carried.

Lifting the Injunction

Motion Document | Total Vote: 701

  • For:509
  • Against:124
  • Abstain:68

Motion is carried.

Supporting Junior Doctors

Motion Document | Total Vote:800

  • For:630
  • Against:82
  • Abstain:88

Motion is carried.

Space for Environmental Sustainability

Motion Document | Total Vote:688

  • For:495
  • Against:81
  • Abstain:112

Motion is carried.

Lobby for Change Machine

Motion Document | Total Vote:732

  • For:666
  • Against:27
  • Abstain:39

Motion is carried.

List of Affiliations

Motion Document | Total Vote:642

  • For:460
  • Against:58
  • Abstain:124

Motion is carried.