2014-15 - Term 2 - Results

Voting Statistics

Number of Individual Voters: 1338

Total Number of Votes: 4611

24 Hour Library

Motion Document | Total Vote: 1254

  • For:1069
  • Against:107
  • Abstain:78

Motion is Carried.

Security Code of Conduct

Motion Document | Total Vote: 1103

  • For:803
  • Against:122
  • Abstain:178

Motion is Carried.

Water without Politics

In conversation with the proposers of the motion ‘Water Without Politics’, this has been withdrawn from the ASM following new information which came to light after the polls had opened. We apologise for the confusion caused - we try to ensure every policy submitted to ASMs is accurate. The proposers intend to bring a revised version of this policy to the next All Student Meeting.

No Confidence in Nigel Thrift

Motion Document | Total Vote: 1120

  • For:682
  • Against:289
  • Abstain:149

Motion is Carried.

Debate Video