2014-15 - Term 1 - Results

The results are in for the first All Student Meeting of the year. Well done to all campaigners for motions – in particular the campaigners in support of Rethinking Waste On Campus and Building a Democratic University, who ran vigorous and popular campaigns. With every motion picking up broad support from students and with no campaigns against, turnout was always predicted to be on the low end. However, never complacent with current participation rates, we have decided to employ Democracy Helpers to promote elections all year round! This will ensure that enough people are available to operate and promote the All Student Meetings irrespective of unexpected occurrences that affect other members of staff.

Voting Statistics

Number of Individual Voters: 688

Total Number of Votes: 2462

Building a Democratic University

Motion Document | Total Vote: 526

  • For:399
  • Against:78
  • Abstain:49

Motion is carried.

Hidden Course Costs

Motion Document | Total Vote: 498

  • For:414
  • Against:51
  • Abstain:33

Motion is carried.

Living Costs

Motion Document | Total Vote: 465

  • For:397
  • Against:36
  • Abstain:32

Motion is carried.

Rethinking Waste On Campus

Motion Document | Total Vote: 582

  • For:517
  • Against:36
  • Abstain:29

Motion is carried.

Students' Unions Affiliations

Motion Document | Total Vote: 391

  • For:255
  • Against:58
  • Abstain:78

Motion is carried.

Debate Video