2013-14 - Term 3 - Results

The results are in for the final All Student Meeting of the year. With only one motion and the voting period coinciding with the undergraduate exam period, turnout was always predicted to be on the low end. The final count was a turnout of 501. This figure, along with the results recorded over the two years since the All Student Meeting has been introduced, will hopefully be useful indicators in reassessing what is an appropriate quorum level (the required number of votes needed for the vote to count) now that we have an established system for our democratic structures. So, without further hesitation, below is a full breakdown of the vote:

Voting Statistics

Number of Individual Voters: 501

Total Number of Votes: 501

Increasing the Accountability of Warwick SU to its Members

Motion Document | Total Vote: 501

  • For:284
  • Against:203
  • Abstain:14

Motion is carried.

Debate Video