2013-14 - Term 2 - Results

So the results are in, and what an All Student Meeting we have had this term! We’ve absolutely smashed the previous record of 1,092 voters and hit 1,856 - that’s a 70% increase on the previous record and way over double last term’s figure.

Certainly a strong factor in the increase in turnout has been the motions, which it is fair to say are some of the most relevant to students’ lives that we have seen thus far. In addition, this ASM was slightly different in that we relaxed some of the campaigning regulations, so already-existing campaigns (such as No More Page 3 and the Fossil Free Campaign) can be part of the ASM. As a result, we’ve seen much more vibrant campaigns that have brought a wider spectrum of the student population into Union Democracy. We’ve also seen far less abstentions this time around than in previous meetings, which is a testament to effective campaigning but also shows the importance of bringing relevant motions to an ASM!

Below is a full breakdown of the results:

Voting Statistics

Number of Individual Voters: 1856

Total Number of Votes: 5549

No More Page 3: Removing 'The Sun' Newspaper From Campus

Motion Document | Total Vote: 1635

  • For:918
  • Against:607
  • Abstain:110

Motion is carried.

Supporting the Two Tick Scheme

Motion Document | Total Vote: 1189

  • For:717
  • Against:130
  • Abstain:342

Motion is carried.

Clarifying Rules Regarding Themed Events

Motion Document | Total Vote: 1427

  • For:323
  • Against:928
  • Abstain:176

Motion is not carried.

Supporting the Fossil Free Campaign on Campus

Motion Document | Total Vote: 1298

  • For:849
  • Against:318
  • Abstain:131

Motion is carried.

Debate Video