2013-14 - Term 1 - Results

Below are the results for the first All Student Meeting of 2013-14. It was no secret that turnout was predicted to be lower than usual given the reduced agenda and relatively uncontroversial nature of the motions, therefore we are pleased to announce that 707 students voted in the elections. The All Student Meeting is a relatively new system and it is reassuring to know that students still feel committed to participating in it despite a condensed agenda. That said, here is the results breakdown for the three motions debated this term:

Voting Statistics

Number of Individual Voters: 707

Total Number of Votes: 1957

Supporting Fair Pay in Higher Education

Motion Document | Total Vote: 678

  • For:446
  • Against:180
  • Abstain:52

Motion is carried.

Combating Payday Lenders and Protecting students Financially

Motion Document | Total Vote: 663

  • For:470
  • Against:150
  • Abstain:43

Motion is carried.

Students' Union Affiliations

Motion Document | Total Vote: 616

  • For:378
  • Against:102
  • Abstain:136

Motion is carried.

Debate Video