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LGBTUA+ History Month

LGBTUA+ History Month banner

Welcome to Warwick's 2018 LGBTUA+ History Month!

Throughout many periods in history, the lives and accomplishments of LGBTUA+ people have been ignored or actively erased. This LGBTUA+ History Month we're spreading knowledge and forging links to counteract this historical erasure.

Whilst 2018's LGBTUA+ History Month has now drawn to a close, you can still get involved by...

Week 5

Challenging Transmisogyny, with NUS Trans Officer Jess Bradley (open to all)
WEDNESDAY, 3-4pm, OC1.01 [Facebook event]

QTIPOC Book Club - Combahee River Collective Statement (open to all)
THURSDAY, 3-5pm, SU HQ Meeting Room 2 [Facebook event]

NUS LGBT+ Conference & NUS Trans Conference delegate elections (LGBTUA+ students only)
THURSDAY, 5-7pm, R1.15 [Facebook event] [SU webpage]

Hidden Histories presents "Transgender Moral Panic - A Brief Social History" (open to all)
THURSDAY, 7-9pm, S0.21 [Facebook event]

Query a Queer - Live! (open to all)
FRIDAY, 3-4pm, MS.05 [Facebook event]

Week 6

Asexual/Aromantic Representation in Media and Literature (open to all)
MONDAY, 4-6pm, H2.46 [Facebook event]

'We Were Here' screening, on the arrival and impact of AIDS in San Francisco (open to all)
WEDNESDAY, 5-7pm, R0.14 [Facebook event]

Week 7

Don't Stand By, Step Up - an intervention workshop (open to all)
MONDAY, 12-1pm, OC1.06 [Facebook event]

Emily Brothers Talk: LGBT+ and Disability Equality (open to all)
TUESDAY, 6-7:30pm, PLT (Physics) [Facebook event]

Make Your Own Pronoun Badge drop-in (open to all)
WEDNESDAY, 12-3pm, SU HQ Work Zone [Facebook event]

'This Is What Love In Action Looks Like' screening & campaigns planning (open to all)
FRIDAY, 4-6pm, OC1.04 [Facebook event]

More event details coming soon!

Week 8

Screening of Trans Athletes Docu-series 'Identify' (open to all)
MONDAY, 4-5pm, OC1.04 [Facebook event]

More event details coming soon!


Throughout February we're also running trans awareness workshops for university staff, titled "Building A Trans-Inclusive University". Take a look at the workshop page for more information.