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My Experience of Postal STI Testing During The Pandemic

Fri 10 Jul 2020

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many sexual health services have been reduced in availability unless you are presenting symptoms. As most people who have sexually transmitted infections (STI’s) are symptomless, it is still important to be aware of your sexual health status. are a free STI testing service where you can order home testing kits online and receive your results a few days Read more

My Experience of Postal STI Testing

Fri 10 Jul 2020

The testing kit was really easy to order online, literally took about a minute. You have to disclose a few details about your sexual activity and your partner’s in order for them to determine which tests you might need but the questions were not too invasive.Read more

My experience of taking a postal HIV test kit

Sat 20 Jun 2020

I just ordered my test via You can read all about the test kit and associated timeline on their website, but if you’d like to hear a personal experience of using the service, read on.Read more