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Sexual Health and Guidance (SHaG) Festival

Sexual Health and Guidance (SHaG) Festival

What is Shag Fest?

This years' SHAGFest is taking place on Wednesday 14th February in The Atrium and Cooper Rooms from 10:00 - 16:00. Sexual Health and Guidance Festival (nicknamed SHAGfest) is a day-long fair in the SU designed to be a fun, light-hearted event with slightly silly activities, interspersed with information and resources surrounding physical and mental sexual health, as well as the culture around consent and relationships. 

From advice from sexual health experts, free condoms and lube through to demostrations, we bring you a range of ways to learn more as well as the chance to win a £100 Etsy voucher in our 'Guess the number of Johnnies in the Jar' competition!

We're incredibly excited for it, and hope to see you there!

Who will be there?

We're delighted to be joined by a number of student societies, charities and university support services, including Warwick SU's Advice Centre,  University of Warwicks'  Report & Support team, Sexpression, Fetish Society, Warwick Pride, Computing Society, End Period Poverty campaign, and more!

Warwick Pride

Warwick Pride is The University of Warwick Students’ Union society for LesbianGayBi+TransUndefined and Asexual/Aromantic students and their friends. Pride is all about community, coming together to support each other and have fun, alongside running important campaigns related to Trans inclusion and improved Gender options on Forms, Inclusion and awareness days, and also have been operating Warwicks' Gender Expression Fund. Warwick Pride is joining us at SHaGfest to share information, resources and guidance on queer related Sexual Health. 

SU Advice

WSU Advice Centre offers a free, confidential, impartial and non-judgmental service. We provide advice, information, guidance and representation to help you resolve your problems whilst studying at the University of Warwick. We are also independent from the University.

Our team of friendly, professional and experienced advisors offer practical advice and support or/and signposting on a range of enquiries.

Report and Support

Everyone at the University of Warwick, whether studying, working, or visiting, has the right to feel safe. Harassment of any kind is completely unacceptable, and our community is an environment where prejudice and socially unacceptable behaviour are never tolerated.

Our University's Report and Support services will be at SHaG Festival providing you with resources you may need.

Fetish Society

Warwick Fetish Society is an inclusive and accepting community aiming to encourage safety, consent, and destigmatisation of BDSM and fetish activities. A 2005 survey by Durex found that 37% of UK respondents had used "masks, blindfolds, and other forms of bondage" as part of sex, yet BDSM is still not widely accepted in society. We believe everyone should have somewhere to express themselves without fear of judgement, and to learn about how to safely engage in their interests.

End Period Poverty

The SU believes that the cost of menstrual care products is an unfair burden placed on those that need them, and as part of a larger body of work has committed to providing menstrual care products to those in need.

We are supplying over 30 bathrooms across campus in the SU Atrium, SUHQ, Rootes Building, Warwick Arts Centre, Chaplaincy, Oculus, Faculty of Arts, Sports Hub, Warwick Business School, Library, and the Dirty Duck Pub.


A humble branch of Sexpression:UK, a national charity run by university students! We have grown tired of the way certain topics surrounding sexual health, consent and relationships are talked about, or more damagingly, not talked about. We don’t believe that information should be kept for “1 day, when you’re a little older.” Current guidelines on sex ed in schools are nearly 20 years out of date, so we have decided to step up to fill this gap.

Come and chat to Warwick Sexpression for giveaways, games and to find out more about what they do.

About the Innovation Fund

Sexual Health and Guidance Festival is powered by alumni support through the Warwick Innovation Fund.