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Safer Warwick

Whats the Issue?

Rape Culture at Warwick

Rape culture is a pressing issue on our campus. We're committed to addressing its root causes and impact.

Lack of Data

Without data, it's hard to make informed changes. We're working on gathering essential information through our “Get Home Safe” Survey planned for late November in collaboration with the University. It will coincide with the 16 Days of Activism against Gender Based Violence project that Emma and I are running.

Tackling Sexism

Sexism is a part of the problem. We're here to challenge it. Read below to find out how!

What Needs to Change?

Student Confidence and Feeling Safe

Feeling unsafe is an emergency. Student confidence and wellbeing should never be compromised. We're focusing on reducing mental stress related to safety concerns as well as working on the root cause of the problem.

Understanding Consent

We're all about educating students on consent, especially in drinking situations and within our first-year accommodation halls. Link to #wegetconsent campaign (https://www.warwicksu.com/campaigns-communities/campaigns/active/consent/

Introducing Safe Zone

Safe Zone would revolutionise the community safety team and the way we approach safety on campus. We're here to introduce and promote it once it has been approved.

What is Being Done?

Women and Non-Binary Students’ Self-Defence Classes

Emma (VP Sports) and I have made our self-defence classes from last year permanent! They’ll start in week 3 of Term 1, continuing to week 10 and will run throughout Term 2 (weeks 1-10).

They’ll take place every Tuesday from 4-5pm in the combat room at the Sports Hub. Click here to find out more! 

16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence

Join us for the 16 Days Against GBV project that starts on the 25th of November and runs until the 10th of December 2023. Emma (VP Sports) and I have planned a social media campaign alongside 7 in-person events, including workshops on identifying red flags and how you can support your friends.

Apart from awareness, we also want to hear from YOU. For these 16 Days, we want to showcase 16 stories related to sexual harassment / sexual assault / domestic abuse from you. If you would like to have your story showcased on our SU website (anonymously or on camera, whichever you would be comfortable with), please email Enaya.Nihal@warwicksu.com.

Sexpression Warwick Society

The Sexpression Warwick Society have created this very useful infographic about Domestic Abuse & Sexual Violence Resources that are accessible both on campus and off campus. Find out more about the Sexpression Warwick Society here

Anti-Rape Culture Awareness and #ShareYourStory

Supporting and promoting "We Get Consent" and more training for our Community Safety and SU security team.

I have also launched a padlet here where you can anonymously share your experiences with the rape culture on campus – be it a comment that you heard or an instance of sexual harassment or assault you have experienced. Be it overhearing locker room talk or first-hand experiences of sexual harassment or assault, Share Your Story here

Please reach out to the following if you need support:


Once approved, we will aim to get 3,000+ students on the app so that they have a clear way of communicating with our community safety team, our first aid teams or a mental health nurse, available 24/7.

Brighten Campus

Improving streetlight placement to enhance safety on campus. I have successfully worked with Community Safety and the Estates team to get more streetlights added to areas around accommodations (and repairs done)!

Addressing Drinking Culture

We're encouraging sober socials, retraining social secs, and exploring new initiatives like an “SU Big Night In!” where we can host weekly board game nights and film screenings in the SU building.

Welfare Stand

Offering drug testing, spiking tests, and rape alarms at a permanent Welfare Stand in the Copper Rooms.

Extend Bus Hours

Working on extending bus hours from Kasbah nightclub to campus for safer travel late at night.

Safe Place Project Training

Pushing for training bar staff and/or security staff to create safer spaces in the Copper Rooms and our bars.

Measuring Success

We're using surveys and focus groups to gauge our impact, and we'll collaborate with the SU and University for more focused safety assessments.

Join us in making Warwick a safer place for everyone! No matter what your background or experiences have been, we can all work together to create a safer campus.