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Liberated Teaching & Learning

Our Liberated Education campaign is comprised of more focused projects tackling different aspects of the fight for a liberated education.

You can find upcoming events relating to liberating education on the Curriculum Liberation Calendar.

Trans-Inclusive Teaching & Learning

Trans students

Teaching can fail to be inclusive of trans people in multiple ways, from hostile learning environments that make assumptions about people's gender and fail to call out transphobic behaviours, to content that erases non-binary gender identities and fails to include the contributions & experiences of trans people.

In Progress:

  • Launching the Queering University project, sister-project to the Decolonise Programme.

In Place:

Queering University

Queering University image

The ‘Queering University’ project will support staff and students at Warwick to develop, implement and sustain queer pedagogies and perspectives, as well as broadening them across the university. It will encourage teaching & learning and pastoral practices that are inclusive of trans and LGBTQUA+ people, and provide greater understanding to those in the classroom and wider university setting.

Ultimately, the project hopes to embed & centre queer perspectives, with the goal of understanding and improving student experience and dismantling barriers that hinder community/belonging, attainment, continuation/completion, and academic progression (including from undergraduate to postgraduate study).

It will work explicitly in the intersections with other axes of oppression, including race, religion, disability, and gender.

In Place:

Decolonise Programme

Warwick Decolonise Network logo

We're fighting for a decolonised curriculum and anti-racist pedagogy at Warwick, tackling poor student experiences for students of colour as well as the Black attainment gap.

In Progress:

In Place:

  • Launched the Warwick Decolonise Programme with the aim of lobbying the university for a curriculum that reflects the diversity of the student body and promotes critical thinking.
  • Recruited a team of advocates to work with the SU and their departments to decolonise the curriculum.
  • Education Officer, Larissa Kennedy, sat on a panel alongside Stuart Croft (Vice-Chancellor), Dr Meleisa Ono George (Director of Student Experience, History), and Amatey Doku (VP Higher Education, NUS), discussing the Black student experience and social mobility.

Accessible Teaching

Warwick Enable and the SU's Disabled Students' Officer organised a panel event called 'What Your Disabled Students Want You To Know', aiming to support staff understanding and practice in relation to accessibility for disabled students in the academic context.


Liberate my Module

Liberate my Module logo

The Liberate my Module reporting tool allows students to report issues on a module-by-module basis.

Reports are shared with course reps within the relevant department(s), to be raised at their Student-Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC) meetings.

Reports also inform our wider work on liberating the curriculum.


If you'd like to get involved with the Liberated Education campaign, or would like to share your ideas for future campaigns with us email campaigns@warwicksu.com.