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Liberation Conference

Welcome to our third LibCon!

Led by Sophie Clark, Vice President for Democracy & Development and the Decolonise Collective, LibCon 2024 is a resurrection of previous LibCons, featuring  a collaborative set of workshops, talks and discussions.

This years' programme

Thursday 16th May | 11am -12:20pm | Piazza -  Intersectional Perspectives on Women in Conflict

Dive into the intricacies of intersectionality – a lens that invites inclusivity. Intersectionality forces you to acknowledge how race, ethnicity, class, gender, and sexuality, intersect to shape individuals' identities and their social relations. We illuminate how intersecting identities, whether oppressed or privileged, shape an individual's perspectives and experiences in the world. Our discussion will spotlight the often-overlooked experiences of women of colour amid conflict and war, exposing the gaps in news and media coverage. Join us for an enlightening conversation on intersectionality and its crucial role in fostering a more nuanced and inclusive worldview.

This panel will be led by Dr. Abeera Khan, Lecturer in Gender and Sexuality at the SOAS Centre for Gender Studies with Dr Keshab Giri, Lecturer in International Relations at The University of St Andrews and Frankie Chappell, PhD student at UCL’s Institute of the America

Thursday 16th May | 2pm- 3pm | Piazza - Palestine 101 workshop

An educational workshop on the contemporary history of Palestine, with a specific focus on the British mandate period.

Thursday 16th May / 3pm- 4pm (Palestine & ICJ panel) | Piazza - Reclaiming Narratives on Palestine

A discussion surrounding the current genocide in Palestine, ICJ obligations to prevent it, the 75-year occupation, the long-standing historical British context and responsibility for the past and present settler colonialism. We will also discuss what can be done to disrupt the current political, economic and cultural support for Israel. Our discussion will also involve the role of media and the way in which narratives that have been used to shape public opinions on the current genocide.

This panel will be led by Nicola Pratt, Professor in Politics and International Studies at the University of Warwick, with Gilbert Achcar, Professor of Development Studies and International Relations at SOAS and Jeanine Hourani, a Palestinian activist, organiser and storyteller.

Friday 17th May | 2pm -3.20pm | Piazza - Unlearning the Colonial Mindset in Higher Education

Decolonizing education is a buzzword for incremental change and a source of panic in the media. As we grapple with the historical and material ties between educational institutions and the dispossession of peoples across the global south, it is crucial to explore the power we possess to disrupt this relationship and reposition education as a tool of liberation. Join us for a discussion on how decolonizing education involves not only diversifying university curricula but also creating inclusive environments for students and staff from marginalized groups. Let's delve into the actionable steps needed to transform education into a force for equity and justice. 

This panel will be led by our speakers Usama Mirza, PhD scholar at University of Cambridge, Dr Raza Saeed, Professor of Law at the University of Warwick, and Larissa Kennedy, National Student Organiser.

Friday 17 May | 7pm | Piazza - Reclaim the Power

Drax Power Station, in North Yorkshire, burns 25 million trees a year that are shipped in from across the world. In September 2022, it was revealed that Drax’s practices abroad are the cause of large-scale environmental racism. Trees are condensed down to pellets in factories largely placed in predominantly Black communities in settler colonies. The process is so polluting, people are left struggling to breath and often trapped in their own homes. Drax presents itself as a world leader in using BECCS and is the world's biggest burner of trees. They can only operate because of over £6 billion in subsidies taken straight from our energy bills, supposedly for renewable energy. Join us to learn what we can do together to reclaim the power and take action against biomass and for global climate justice

Friday 17 May | 12-2pm | Piazza - Know Your Rights

In a time of injustice, environmental breakdown and the ongoing genocide in Gaza, the scale of protests and people taking direct action has increased massively. This has been met by the government and police forces with increased repression of activism and indiscriminate violence by the state. This repression is not a reason to hide away and stay at home, in fact it is all the more reason to speak out and to show up for each other with love and solidarity. We invite the Green and Black cross for a Know-Your-Rights training so you can know how to keep safe when protesting and support your friends in fighting for justice together. This training will cover the ins and outs of protest law.