Cut the Costs

  • 68% had paid for core textbooks
  • 64% had paid for additional textbooks
  • 89% had paid for printing
  • 35% had paid for lecture notes
  • 18% had paid for site visits or trips
  • 12% had paid for dissertation binding
  • 19% had paid for medical certificates

The SU believes that education should be more accessible and affordable. Therefore, we call on the University to reduce additional course costs incurred by students. This includes reducing unjustifiable disparities between courses in terms of costs. When costs are incurred, the University should actively publish these in a transparent manner, regularly updating them.

The SU submitted a paper on behalf of students to the Academic Quality and Standards Committee detailing the findings of the survey, and has subsequently worked to establish a joint Course Costs Working Group.

How can I get involved?

Have you had to pay a course cost which you think should have been covered by the University? Let us know with the hashtag #WarwickCourseCosts!

For SSLC reps...

Use our course costs survey template to create your own survey for coursemates on their experiences relating to course costs. Send the results to to be included in the SU's work on cutting course costs.


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