Week 8, Term 2

Mental Health Awareness Week

In addition to the considerable calendar of events above, the SU Welfare Exec have organised a mental health forum for Thursday. Come along to hear inspiring Warwick students share their own mental health experiences, to encourage more openness and reduce stigma to mental health on campus. Mind Aware's Facebook event for the week will help you keep up to date on the rest of the week's events.

Spring Elections

Campaigning has officially begun for the Spring Elections! The power is now in your hands to decide the next SU officer team, so come along to the hustings tonight and tomorrow for your chance to question this year's candidate. (We'll be in the SU Atrium from 5-7pm.) Voting opens on Wednesday at 9am! #WarwickVotes #TheBigDecision

Pride Library

Warwick Pride's library now has a permanent home! Pop along to the SUHQ Work Zone (formerly Central Meeting Room) for a mixture of some academic texts, fiction, out-of-date 80s fiction, and some old selfhelp books that really make you cringe... Feel free to use any of the books while you're in there, but please don't remove them without first contacting hello@warwickpride.org.

Week 9

With so much going on in week 9 we wanted to give you a heads up in advance - both Go Green Week and International Women's Week will be going all out next week, with truly something for everyone! There's more publicity to come of course, but for now you can check out the  International Women's Week Facebook event, and one of the Go Green Week calendars. As part of IWW our next Making Change event is on the topic of 'Supporting Women's Campaigns As A Non-Woman'.

If you'd like to submit a campaign or action to feature in the weekly round-up, click here or email the details to campaigns@warwicksu.com!