Week 6, Term 2Full programme of events available in plain text at www.tinyurl.com/LGBTUAHM

It might be Reading Week for some, but the campaigns aren't slowing down! With Mental Health Awareness Week, Go Green Week, International Women's Week, Spring Elections, and Art & Activism Week in the remainder of this term, keep coming back for more news!

LGBTUA+ History Month

Throughout February the SU's LGBTUA+ Officer and Warwick Pride have organised a programme of events for LGBT+ History Month. This Wednesday drop by and check out the Pride library MR1 (1-3pm), or join the discussion "Looking Gleeful: Questioning the perception of QTPOC representation in film and TV" at 3pm in OC1.02! (Check out the Facebook event for more details.)

Creative Warwick - Community Week

If you didn't have chance to check out Culture Week in January, be sure to swing by the Facebook event for Community Week and see what takes your fancy! With over 25 events, from lego-building to discussing equal access to education, there really has got to be something for everyone. Bring your community spirit!

Condition or Movement? A Century of Trans Identities

The first event of our LGBTUA+ History Month Speaker Series is this Thursday! Dr. Ruth Pearce from the Warwick Sociology department will be sharing some of her research around trans identities. RSVP here. Check out the full series of speakers above!

Campaigns Space

Every Wednesday this term, 2-4pm, we've booked out R3.41 in the Ramphal building for you. No booking necessary, just turn up and use the space for campaigns related activity. Whether you're a part-time officer, part of a campaigning society, or otherwise, this space is yours.

Migrants Welcome Here!

On Monday 20th February, Parliament will be debating whether to allow Donald Trump a state visit in the UK. On the same day, One Day Without US has called for a day of action in solidarity with migrants living, working, and studying in the UK. Warwick STAR are calling on Warwick students to join the national day of action, gathering at the Koan at 1pm. Click attending on their event here.

WASS: Turfing Out The TERFs

Okay so these might technically be next week, but more notice is rarely a bad thing! Join WASS next Monday to discuss trans-exclusionary radical feminism (TERF) and how it's harmful not only to LGBT+ women but feminism as a whole. 

Boycott the NSS

Take the pledge to boycott the 2017 National Student Survey (NSS). By boycotting the NSS, students have the power to disrupt the TEF, to stop tuition fees going up and to stop their degrees being devalued. By taking part in this campaign, you will be joining thousands of students from universities across the country who will be doing the same. Don’t devalue your degree. Throw Higher Education a lifeline: BOYCOTT THE NSS today!

Query a Queer

Following last year’s success, Warwick Pride are running their Query a Queer campaign again this year! All you need to do to take part is to drop by this form and send in an anonymous question related to the LGBTUA+ community. The society’s volunteers will then post the answers to your questions throughout LGBTUA+ History Month, so check out their page in Feb!

If you'd like to submit a campaign or action to feature in the weekly round-up, click here or email the details to campaigns@warwicksu.com!