‘Are You OK?’ is all about being more open about mental health and wellbeing, promoting dialogue between friends and acknowledging when things are tough so that we can put them right.

> Some tips on how to talk to your friends about mental health.
> How to recognise the signs of poor mental health in yourself.

The next Are You OK? Day will take place on Thursday 23rd November:

Alcohol Awareness: Goodies Giveaway!
Stop by the Atrium for some SU giveaways, including hangover cures, pint glasses, and breathalysers.
Atrium. 12pm-1.30pm

Barrafield Bookclub with Freshblood New Writing.
The Graduate. 2pm-2.30pm.

Welfare Officer Drop-In Session.
Sabb Office, SUHQ. 2pm-3pm.

Curiositea Chats with Warwick Drama Society.
Curiositea. 3pm.

Pizza and Games Night with The Game of Thrones Society.
S0.08, S0.11, S0.13, S0.19, S0.28. Social Sciences. 7pm.
*Free pizza for members. £3 for non-members.

Sushi School! With Warwick Consulting Society and Deloitte.
Yo Sushi! Leamington Spa. 7pm.
Free membership, £7 per ticket.


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