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    Introduce yourself to your neighbours – at the start of the academic year SU postcards are available to help you do this.

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    Think about the amount of noise you make in your house and coming back from a night out.

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    Being thought of as a noisy house can produce unwanted attention from neighbours, police and the local council. Excessive noise and antisocial behaviour won’t be tolerated and may result in legal proceedings against the occupants. If this happens the University will find out and depending on what has happened this may result in disciplinary proceedings against anyone who is a Warwick student.

  • IconIf you decide to hold a house party, do a bit of careful planning so you can enjoy
    • Choose a day that is least likely to cause a problem to your neighbours
    • Tell your neighbours that you are having a party and tell them what time you expect it to start/finish
    • Large house parties can get out of hand or cause conflict with non-student neighbours, if you think there is a risk of either of these things happening, think about holding it in an alternative venue
    • Think about the risks of holding a party with your housemates
      • How will you control the numbers
      • How many people can you safely fit into your accommodation
      • How will you keep control of the party – you are responsible for any damage that is caused by visitors
      • Agree which rooms visitors can go into and where valuables and electronics are going to be put for safe keeping – accidents happen and things can get stolen
      • How will you keep noise to reasonable levels both in the party and as people are leaving
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      If your household has cars, try and park considerately

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      Take care of the outside of your house, so it does not ‘stand out’ as a student house – student houses can be targeted by thieves. If there is rubbish there when you move in get your landlord to move it.

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      Don’t store rubbish, get to know your rubbish collection dates and put out the rubbish on those days and take the bins back in the same day.

    • Don't remove shopping trolleys from the vicinity of the shops. If you spot trolleys anywhere they're not supposed to be, report them using Trolleywise or by contacting the relevant shop. Trolleys left on paths, in gardens etc. can cause hazards and a nuisance to local residents.


Find out when your collection dates are:

Warwick District Council

Coventry City Council

Get involved

Be part of the community, use local shops, get involved in local projects, show that community around you that students do care about their communities and are good neighbours.

The SU through Love Community and Warwick Volunteers are always looking for local projects to get involved with, if you think of a project that would benefit your local area, that is not being done by other community organisations why not let the SU or Warwick Volunteers know? Links to Warwick Volunteers & Love community