Development & Environment Campaigns

Warwick SU has a part-time Ethics & Environment Officer who leads on the SU's environmental campaigns, and a full-time Democracy & Development Officer who leads on development campaigns. The SU Development Exec consists of the Democracy & Development Officer, Ethics & Environment Officer, and 6 directly elected members of the student body.

Active Campaigns

Stagecoach: Stop Taking Us For A Ride!

Our four demands:
1. Cheaper replacement passes,
2. Better out-of-term services,
3. Latest payment technology,
4. Save the Sydenham route.

The Greener Way

Find out how to live the greener way with our information on student swap shops, charity shops, and collections!

Fossil Free

In 2015, the University of Warwick committed to divesting from fossil fuels, after two years of student and staff calls for fossil fuel divestment.

Ethical Eats Ethos

Food is vital. How we produce it and consume it has a great impact on the world around us!

Good Neighbours

Students can be good neighbours - here's how!

RAWKUS Food Waste Collections

Every year, tonnes of edible food and equipment are left in halls by students moving out and are simply thrown away. RAWKUS collections are changing that!

Development & Environment Societies

Many Warwick SU societies also campaign on development & environment issues, including...

Development and Environment Zone Policy

All SU policy relating to development, ethics and environment, and students in wider society.

Contact Us

If you would like more information about our Development & Environment campaigns, get in touch with us.

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