Moving Off-Campus

  • Living off-campus can be a time of exploration, escaping the ‘bubble’ and reconnecting with the niceties of living in a town. However, it can also be extremely daunting, consumed by endless bus journeys, rogue landlords, and uncooperative housemates.
  • Don’t fall into the trap of assuming your landlord will definitely return your deposit at the end of the year. Students regularly face deposit disputes, so you need to do everything in your power to protect yourself from moving in day. Take photos of every room, take note of any poor conditions or broken furniture, and write to your landlord with all of this information attached.
  • Complete the SU’s ‘Explore Your Home’ challenge.
  • Introduce yourself to your neighbours.
  • Check on the council’s website when your refuse collection is and stick a note of the dates on the fridge so you don’t forget!
  • Try to shop for food and toiletries on a regular basis – planning meals in advance can save you lots of money! Don’t rely on local takeaways.
  • Buy an NUS Extra card and scout out the best deals in town.
  • Invite your friends from school and other universities, and go and visit some of them!
  • Keep in touch with society and sports clubs events.