‘Are You OK?’ is all about being more open about mental health and wellbeing, promoting dialogue between friends and acknowledging when things are tough so that we can put them right. We currently have our Mental Health Awareness Week in Term 2 – but it seems odd to only have this when poor wellbeing is not exclusive to just one week of the entire year.

So, we’re going to do more and talk about this ever-important issue more – a lot more. Each month we’re going to spread the message on campus and encourage you to ask your friends how they’re doing. A day a month will be dedicated to support, guidance and events around mental health – watch out for what’s happening!

Are You OK? Days

  • Tuesday 11th October (Term 1, Week 2): Transition
  • Thursday 24th November (Term 1, Week 8): Housing
  • Monday 5th December (Term 1, Week 10): Stress & Time Management
  • Thursday 12th January (Term 2, Week 1): Mental Health
  • Friday 10th February (Term 2, Week 5): Team Warwick
  • Wednesday 15th March (Term 2, Week 10): Drugs, Study Drugs & Alcohol
  • Friday 28th April (Term 3, Week 1): What’s Next?
  • Tuesday 9th May (Term 3, Week 3): Exam Stress
  • Wednesday 14th June (Term 3, Week 8): Post Exams

The programme for Week 1 of Term 2 will be as follows:

  • Caravan Theatre will be on the Piazza with their mental health play every half an hour from 11.30am until 3.45pm
  • January Blues Crafts and Challenges - Research Exchange 10.30am-12pm (for Postgrads)
  • Open chat and de-stress with Welfare Officer, Rootes Grid, 2.15pm-4.15pm
  • University well-being drop in, University House, 2pm-5pm


What’s Next? Events

Copper Rooms 2 :

  • Tuesday 15th November
  • Friday 28th April