Academic Problems

At some point you may have worries or concerns about your academic work, types of concerns can range from eg: needing guidance on study skills, being worried about your progress, anxiety about exams or life events interfering with your ability to study. If you need to talk to someone about academic problems we would recommend you speak to your Personal Tutor first. If this is not possible or proves to be unsatisfactory then you should talk to someone else in the department eg: Departmental Senior Tutor or Director or Undergraduate/Postgraduate Studies.

If you want to talk to someone outside your department, you can talk to the University Senior Tutor or the SU Advice Centre

In addition you can talk to the Education Officer, Welfare Officer or Postgraduate Officer.

For general issues affecting everyone on your course you can also speak to your SSLC (Student-Staff Liaison Committee)/Course Rep

There is a lot of support available on campus to help you succeed, so make sure you are clear where to get what help.

Useful links for academic support:

If you are finding that you have non-academic issues affecting your studies, there are lots of places to get help and support:

Student Support Services on Campus

Remember to register with Disability Services if you have a disability, so that they can help you liaise with your department over any reasonable adjustments that you may need.
For further information about: Disability Services

If you are unsure about what help you need or who you should speak to, contact the SU Advice Centre and we can help you access support.

If you cannot get help even though you have tried all avenues, you can consult the Senior Tutor at the University.

You can also contact at the Student Union:

or the Student Advice Centre