Exams: Who to contact when things go wrong

This page should be read with our page on Examinations

Examination time can be a very stressful time for students, but it can be even more nerve-racking if your academic performance is affected by something such as illness, personal problems or issues within your school/department. But don’t panic! They is lots of help available if things don’t go as planned.

Who to contact

Inside your Department

Personal Tutor: Can give you support, advice and guidance

Department Senior Tutor: If your personal tutor is not available or unhelpful then every department has a senior utor to offer support. Here's a list of department senior tutors. 


Outside your Department

Dean of Students & Faculty Senior Tutors: If the problem is with the department itself and you need someone to turn to in confidence 

Students’ Union Advice Centre: If you need expert advice that is independent from the University, the Students Union is here to help. We provide a free, confidential, impartial and non-judgemental service for all students at the University of Warwick.

To contact the Students’ Union Advice Centre,

Also you can talk to one of the Student Union Sabbatical Officers

Medical Evidence

If you’re suffering from a physical or mental health problem that might affect your exam performance or your ability to attend the exam, then it is very important to ask a medical professional for a certificate verifying that you have been ill – your department will often require evidence of your illness. It is also very important that you notify your department of your illness as soon as possible.

Please see the Examinations and Mitigating Circumstances pages.

If you need advice on this process you can contact the people listed above.

Other Useful Contacts

Counselling Service counselling@warwick.ac.uk  
Health Centre www.uwhc.org.uk/  
Director of Student Support studentsupport@warwick.ac.uk  
Chaplaincy chaplaincy@warwick.ac.uk  
Mental Health Coordinator mentalhealth@warwick.ac.uk  
Nightline nightline@warwicksu.com  

Also look out for University and Students’ Union events aimed to help everyone survive their exams.