Accessibility Action Plan

Issue: Large print menus

Plan: Discuss with Outlet Managers

Status: In progress. All outlets will have large print menus in place for the start of term 2. Large print menus will be available upon request from staff. in progress icon

Notes: Large font menu available in Bread Oven Completed green tick

Issue: Grab rails needed

Info: Grab rails needed for accessible toilet doors.

Plan: Order grab rails and fit.

Status: Completed. Grab rails ordered, received, and fitted. Completed green tick

Issue: Push pads on some doors

Info: Push pads on some doors would be a significant help – Curiositea & Xananas in particular.

Plan: Obtain indication of costs for push pads and consider where doors can be kept in the open position.

Info: Estimate of £2.5K-£5K/single leaf door. Discuss at next CapEx meeting.

Status: In progress.  Xananas doors have been automated. in progress icon

Notes: Xananas doors are now automated. Completed green tick

Issue: Priority Seating / Wheelchair priority

Plan: Upper atrium - Priority Seating labelled.

Status: Completed. Completed green tick

Notes: Labelled 2 of the bench tables in the upper atrium with “Priority Seating” stickers.

Issue: Wheelchair priority seating in outlets

Plan: Discuss with Outlet Manager and obtain suitable signage.

Status: Signs added to tables 11 & 12.

Notes: Completed. Completed green tick

Issue: Hand rails on ramps

Plan: Investigate options.

Status: In progress. in progress icon

Issue: lower access points

Info: Bars – lower access points needed

Plan: Very difficult to achieve with current configurations. Consider locations for appropriate “accessible order points”.

Status: In progress. in progress icon

Notes: Bread Oven – Completed. Completed green tick

Notes: Curiositea – Completed. Completed green tick
Lower access point not available but disabled priority tables now in place and table service available.

Notes: The Terrace Bar - Completed. Completed green tick

Notes: The Dirty Duck - Completed. Completed green tick

Notes: Xananas - In progress. in progress icon

Issue: Web accessibility

Info: Better information needed on website regarding accessibility – where are toilets, how to get served etc.

Plan: Set up “Accessibility” page with appropriate info and links etc.

Status: In progress. in progress icon

Notes: Accessibility & Accessibility Action pages now live. Very basic for now but will continue to develop. Completed green tick

Issue: Longer viewing panels

Info: Longer viewing panels needed in doors.

Plan: Raise project with Estates to get indication of costs.

Status: Meeting rooms 4,5 & 6 to be priority.

Notes: Completed. Completed green tick

Issue: Till point ordering

Info: Till point ordering at Bread Oven as unable to negotiate queuing system.

Plan: Discuss with Outlet Manager.

Status: Completed. Completed green tick

Issue: Pull cords in toilets

Info: Pull cords in toilets – need to be at floor level. Need to have pull rings.

Plan: Replace damaged pull cords.

Status: Pull cords ordered and received. Completed. Completed green tick

Issue: Staff awareness

Info: Staff awareness of wheelchair users at bar.

Plan: Induction training? Discuss with outlet managers.

Status: Staff in all commercial areas attend accessibility awareness training, required to pass their probation. Completed. Completed green tick

Issue: toilet alarms

Info: Accessible toilet alarms – how do we deal?

Plan: Discuss with appropriate people and draw up a procedure. Procedures required for day and night.

Status: In progress. in progress icon

Issue: CR1 accessible toilet

Info: CR1 accessible toilet (in lobby to male gendered toilets) not ideal for non-males. Alternative to use Atrium toilets.

Plan: Raise project with Estates to get indication of costs for creating better facilities within CR1.

Status: Works completed and there is now a separate entrance into the accessible toilet. Completed. Completed green tick