Our Big Plan 2019-23

What we're doing

Every four years, we conduct a Strategic Review of the SU and our direction of travel. Our last review was in 2015, which is why we’re now beginning the process again to cover the years 2019-2023.

Utilising feedback and ideas from student surveys, focus groups, Officer manifestos and more, Our Big Plan 2019-23 is shaped by YOU and will provide a road-map of the direction for Union: where we’ve come from, where we’re headed, and what YOU, our members want from us.

In an ever-changing landscape for Higher Education in the UK, it is vital that we remain both reactive and proactive, and that our services remain relevant to our members’ diverse range of needs.

Who is involved

The Strategic Review is led by the SU’s Senior Management Team, Board of Trustees and Student Officer team.

There are four main groups who will be consulted as part of this process:

  • Our members
  • Our staff teams
  • Our Board of Trustees
  • Key stakeholders within the University

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