Office Supplies

We will evaluate if renting/sharing is an option before purchasing equipment.

We will evaluate the environmental impact of any new products we intend to purchase.

We will seek to buy environmentally friendly and efficient products.

We will reuse and recycle everything we are able to.

Stationery Amnesty

The 2013/14 Summer vacation station amnesty resulted in the return of:

  • A clock
  • A footstool
  • 94 red documents wallets
  • A handful of elastic bands
  • 1 box of staples
  • A handful of paper clips
  • 30 red drawer dividers along with 20 plastic clips for the top of the dividers
  • 30 ring binders
  • 3 sets of dividers
  • 5 box files
  • 300 punch pockets
  • 3 clipboards
  • A4 note book
  • Box labels (8 per sheet)

Rather than the above lying idle in peoples offices, they are now back in circulation within the SU. This results in the SU having to order less stationery and therefore helps reduce transport and packaging waste etc

Pen Recycling

There is now a Pen Recycling box in the Central Admin office in SUHQ.

Next time your pen runs out, rather than throwing it away, please drop it into the pen recycling box.

Toner Recycling

In December 2013, we joined a charity toner recycling scheme and all of our toner cartridges are now recycled by Recycle 4 Charity which is the simple way to help the environment at nil cost, whilst raising money for charity.

So far (to Aug 2014) we have sent a total of 9 inkjet and 133 laser cartridges, raised £24.05 and prevented sending 120kg (domestic wheelie bin) of waste to landfill.