Systems Initiatives

L.E.D. lighting in Copper Rooms

The SU have replaced the UV Cannons in the Copper Rooms with L.E.D. equivalents

Our old UV Cannons we 400w each. The new L.E.D. lights are 11w each, so quite a difference on our carbon emissions

Moving heads have also been replaced with L.E.D. equivalents reducing our power consumption even further

Led lights

Savings of around 1.5 million litres

Working closely with The University of Warwick Estates Environmental team, we have identified where we can make savings of around 1.5 million litres of water per annum.

All of the urinals within the SU are fitted with water saving devices that ensure they flush on a controlled basis depending how busy the toilets are. Having identified an unusual pattern to the water rates used within the SU, we have identified one of these controls that was flushing far too frequently and this has now been rectified by Estates.

Hot air hand dryers

We are in the process of replacing our older hot air hand dryers with newer, more energy-efficient models. Any dryer that is replaced will reduce our energy consumption by around 300Kwh per year. Once all have been replaced, this will equate to circa 12000 Kwh/year.