Graduation Ball

The Graduation Ball is one of the most anticipated and talked-about events in the calendar, and sells out on an annual basis. A 10-week promotional period to target all of our 10,000 students graduating each year and a guaranteed 1,200 attendance at the event ensures that this is a fantastic platform to promote your company, brand or service.

Pool Room

The Pool Room is situated in the Atrium in the Students’ Union building and it’s a favourite place for students to gather to socialise and relax. Sponsorship opportunities exist for this space, both inside and outside the room, so if you are interested and want to know more about how the room could be branded then please get in touch.

Societies Awards

The Societies Awards is an annual Warwick Students’ Union event in June, where 250+ societies of all types and sizes come together to celebrate their achievements. The event is aimed at societies’ exec members and students attend to support their respective societies. This exciting sponsorship opportunity allows your company to get your brand in front of our high- calibre, entrepreneurial and diverse students. With over 10,000+ students involved in our societies, the opportunity to engage with students is far-reaching.

Societies Conventions

Whether it’s meeting students informally at a drinks reception prior to Societies Council, promoting your Graduate recruitment / mentoring scheme or having a speaker at the Societies Convention, we can offer you this exceptional marketing opportunity to get your business and marketing messages in front of some of our brightest students.

Sports Ball

This black tie event is held off-campus and is attended by 1000 students. There will be a 10 week promotional period across all marketing channels for this event in order for you to get your brand in front of all of our 9,000 sporty students.


Varsity is a unique opportunity for your company to engage with the student and staff population at Warwick University and beyond. The reach of this event is far more than any one sports club can offer, while the partnership we hold with Coventry University means that by entering into a sponsorship deal with Warwick Students’ Union you also engage with Coventry students and the wider local community.


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