Varsity 2013 - SCORE!

Varsity 2013 - SCORE!

"And after the win, there's the aaaaaaaaaaaafter-paaaaaaarty...!"

As the climax to this term's sporting shenanigans, it's all back to ours once the Rugby's finished to celebrate what will no doubt be another comprehensive drubbing of Cov Uni in Varsity 2013. And, for one night only, we'll be taking it back to the old-skool and allowing you to relive all the 'glory' of our Wednesday night spectacular from way back when - SCORE!

Prepare to get thoroughly rowdy to a series of dodgy retro hits and classic cheese as we invite those of you who can't do it on the pitch to Score at the Union instead!

£4 ticket (included in the Platinum card)
Age 18+

Event Details

Saturday 09 March 2013

22:00 - 02:00

Copper Rooms


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