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Alex Roberts

Alex is the Sports Officer.

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Charlie is the Education Officer.

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George is the Societies Officer.

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Luke Pilot

Luke is the Welfare & Campaigns Officer.

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Olly Rice

Olly is the Democracy and Development Officer


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Natasha "Bam" Cabral

Natasha Cabral is the SU's Sports Officer.

Gym Compensation - Update

In light of the closure of the S&C room, I would like the share mine and the SU's view on the Lifestyle gym redevelopments.  

Having spoken to the Sabbs, we completely support your concerns and believe students who have paid for S&C and gym membership are overdue further compensation given the additional costs you have paid to join external gyms as a result of our gym closure.


Whilst the University own and fund the gym, and therefore make the final decision, the Union is working tirelessly to share your frustrations and achieve a fair compensation for all students and staff with a gym and S&C membership.


Our position takes into consideration the extended period of time the service has been unavailable and your views of the inadequacy of compensation via an Eating@Warwick card. Our recommendations have been strongly conveyed in numerous meetings with SU, University and Warwick Sport staff. 


Please respect that negotiations with the University are still taking place and alternative options are being considered. A decision will be made by the University within the next 7 says and we will then let you know accordingly. Please be assured we are listening to what you are saying and are acting on this.  


Finally, for the record, Nick and I did not know anything about the gym redevelopments at the beginning of the academic year.



If you have any further questions regarding the redevelopment of the Lifestyle Gym, please email