Sabbatical Officers

Alex Roberts

Alex is the Sports Officer.

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Andrew Thompson

Andrew is the outgoing Postgraduate Officer.

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Last post 28 Aug 2015
Last comment 10 Jun 2015
Charlie Hindhaugh

Charlie is the Education Officer.

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Last post 05 Aug 2015
George Creasy

George is the Societies Officer.

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Isaac Leigh

Isaac is the Societies Officer.

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Last post 07 Aug 2015
Last comment 13 Apr 2015
Luke Pilot

Luke is the Welfare & Campaigns Officer.

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Nat Panda

Nat is the Postgraduate Officer.

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Olly Rice

Olly is the Democracy & Development Officer.

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Matthew Rogers

Matthew Rogers is the SU's Societies Officer.

Socs Awards 2012



On Tuesday, Warwick SU hosted the Societies Awards in a new format which hopefully will continue to grow and develop in the years to come. The event was about celebration and recognition of society achievements and the people who make them such a success. It was also an opportunity for a very diverse group of people having a good old fashioned knees up together. The Societies Community at Warwick is very special one and I look forward to seeing even closer collaboration between societies in the future. From the SU side of things, there will be some exciting developments in the support offered to societies coming in next year with some extra staff support, watch this space…

Well done to every society who was nominated and congratulations to the winners, you've done some fantastic work over the year. You can see which societies won awards here:


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