Sabbatical Officers

Alex Roberts

Alex is the Sports Officer.

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Charlie Hindhaugh

Charlie is the Education Officer.

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George Creasy

George is the Societies Officer.

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Isaac Leigh

Isaac is the President of Warwick SU.

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Luke Pilot

Luke is the Welfare & Campaigns Officer.

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Nat Panda

Nat is the Postgraduate Officer.

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Olly Rice

Olly is the Democracy and Development Officer


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Ben Sundell

Ben Sundell is the President of Warwick SU.

GUM Clinic today (12/2/13)


Hi everyone,


Today there will be a free and confidential GUM Clinic to check for STIs, from 12-6 in the Meeting Rooms 4/5 in the SU. No appointment necessary.


For more information please email




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